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Student Representation on Faculty Committees

Student participation in governance is highly valued at UW Law. Student participation is primarily through the Student Bar Association. In addition, student participation is also valued on the standing and ad hoc committees that are established from time to time by the Dean. At present, the following committees have student members:

  1. Faculty Appointments Committee: one student, who is charged with responsibility for organizing student participation in the on-campus interview process for all faculty candidates and in providing student assessment of the candidates for the Faculty Appointment Committee’s consideration;
  2. Admissions Committee: four 3L students;
  3. Curriculum Committee: three students, one from each class (1L, 2L, 3L);
  4. Academic Standards Committee: two students (one 2L and one 3L);
  5. Diversity Committee: up to 12 students, with 1L, 2L, and 3L representation, including an SBA board member.

Except for the Diversity Committee, which has a separate process for selecting student members, all student members shall be appointed by majority vote of the SBA Executive Board.

Last updated 7/22/2013