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Introducing Public Service Voices

The creation of the Gates Public Service Law Program creates myriad opportunities for the UW law school and the larger legal community to broaden our conversation about lawyers and public service. As our program’s namesake Bill Gates Sr. has said, "Law is a calling in the spirit of public service." There are problems we face as a society that lawyers are uniquely qualified to help solve, whether they relate to individual rights, environmental concerns, creation of more equitable laws, or the endless list of other issues related to law and justice. The truth is, lawyers essentially have a monopoly on the practice of law. Yet not every person or organization with a legal problem has access to the services of lawyers for a host of reasons. As lawyers and law students it is an obligation—and a privilege—to serve the community by working to solve critical problems.

One of the many ways we can use the Gates PSL Program to increase the dialogue about lawyers and public service is by means of a new column called Public Service Voices. There are many people in our community who work hard every day, in many ways, to serve the public good with their knowledge and expertise in the law. Lawyers and other professionals who work in the law have been invited to share their own reflections of their public service careers and their roles in working to achieve full and equal justice in our society. We hope this column will be informative, inspirational and will provide food for thought and fuel for action. If you have questions or ideas for this column, please contact me at .

We hope you enjoy the column!

Michele Storms
Executive Director
Gates PSL Program

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