Native American Law Center

Services & Training

The Native American Law Center provides individualized education in various topics for tribal, state and federal elected officials and staff. The Center works closely with the Tribes and Agency to make our training affordable and the funds received for these trainings are allocated wholly to support the overall work of the Center. A sampling of the trainings we have developed include:

  • 1-day seminar for Washington State legislators on general issues of Indian Law
  • 1-day seminar for Washington State Water Utilities on Indian Water Rights
  • 1-day seminar for National Marine Fisheries Service in treaty-reserved water rights and habitat protection
  • 12-day trial advocacy and legal research skills training for tribal court civil lay advocates.
  • 9-day trial advocacy and Indian Law training for tribal court staff, prosecutors, defenders and law enforcement
  • 9-day training for tribal law enforcement policy advisors, tribal court staff, law enforcement and general public on issues of federal Indian law, criminal procedure and civil procedure
  • Administrative due process hearing advocacy for tribal gaming authorities prosecuting tribal policy violations.

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