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Concurrent Degrees - J.D./M.H.A.

The goal of the J.D./M.H.A. concurrent degree program is to offer students the opportunity to combine in-depth professional educational training in health administration and law so that they will be equipped and prepared to work in both venues, or in positions requiring understanding of both. Graduates with the joint degree will not be limited to the traditional career opportunities of legal work in a law firm, but will also have the ability to move more directly into administrative positions in government agencies and health care entities, such as hospitals, health plans and health services entities. Similarly, graduates will possess legal skills that they can bring to health care entities and government agency professional positions.


Admission to this concurrent degree program will be competitive. Acceptance will require a clearly enunciated, well-reasoned application detailing the applicant’s purpose and goals for pursuing both degrees. For entry into the concurrent J.D./MHA, a student must apply for admission separately to both the MHA Program in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM) and to the Law School, consistent with the requirements of Graduate School Memorandum No. 35. The applications to both schools should state that the student is seeking concurrent degrees. The applicant must satisfy admission requirements for both the Law School and the MHA program in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine.

In addition, some students already enrolled in either school may seek to apply to the concurrent degree program. This will involve a second application for admission to the other school and meeting of application requirements.

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