Reflections on being a Barer Fellow

by Amarjargal Lkhagvaa

The Barer Fellowship has been a life changing experience for me. When I first got here, I expected this fellowship to be similar to other typical scholarships, but it exceeded my expectations. It not only provided for our tuition and basic living costs, it also included specialized activities to develop the Fellows’ capacity for leadership. And we had a wide variety of law and multidisciplinary courses that we could choose for our elective courses. Most importantly, Stan and Alta Barer have been like a family to us throughout the year. They gave us advice and shared with us their life experiences which will benefit us in our futures.

During our Survey of the American Judiciary course, I had the opportunity to visit the U.S. District Court, King County Superior Court, the Washington State Legislature, King County Jail, and the Washington State Supreme Court. During these highly prestigious visits, I met and talked with high ranking people such as the Chief Justice, Judges, U.S Magistrates, Prosecutors, and others. This was a great first-hand experience for me. I learned how the American justice system works, of which I had no prior knowledge. My country does not have jury trials so I was particularly interested to observe voir dire and see attorneys presenting a case to a jury.

I am also proud of the UW Law School, because they have a very kind and remarkable Dean, and I have been taught by highly educated and impressive professors, and worked with smart, hard-working, and actively engaged law students.

It was an honor being a Barer Fellow and being part of the amazing UW Law School community. It was a terrific experience for me to join the great academic environment, programs and fascinating faculty members and multinational students under the Barer Fellowship. Stan Barer and Alta are very extraordinary and incredible people and I’m extremely happy that I have had the privilege of being one of the first Barer Fellows.

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