UW School of Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

Mission Statement

Public service is a core value of the University of Washington School of Law. The loan repayment assistance program supports this value by assisting graduates who enter public service legal careers.


LRAP constitutes a core component of the School of Law's commitment to public service as a public law school by increasing the ability of its graduates to enter public service law.

Participants are required to commit to remain in public service employment for a three year period. Loans are given at the beginning of each of the three years. The first loan will be forgiven after two years of qualifying employment and the additional two loans will be forgiven after three years of qualifying employment.

The School of Law loans $5,000 each to approximately three new applicants per year and will commit to awarding an additional $5,000 a year for two more years for a total commitment of $15,000 per participant.

The Steering Committee determines the loan recipients based on, among other factors:

  • Funds available to the Committee
  • Number of qualified LRAP applicants
  • Duties of the applicant's job
  • The employer's history and viability
  • Relationship of each applicant's salary to law school educational debt
  • Other financial needs

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