Application Procedures

Participant responsibilities

LRAP recipients are required to re-establish eligibility each year by submitting an updated application.

Any change in employment, salary or loan status, must be promptly reported to the LRAP program in writing within 30 days. Examples of a change in conditions include, but are not limited to:

  1. going into deferment or forbearance status on loans included on your LRAP application,
  2. receiving a salary increase and
  3. leaving one's job.

The committee will consider hardship issues on a case by case basis. Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to, family leave, medical leave, illness or disability and loss of employment.


Participants who do not fulfill the public service commitment (not for hardship reasons) will be required to pay back any loans that have not yet been forgiven. For example, a person who leaves public service employment after 1 and ½ years would be required to pay back $10,000. A person who leaves after 2 and ½ years would be required to pay back $5000.

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