Faculty Scholarship

2015 Article Placements

The University of Washington School of Law faculty enjoyed a stellar year in scholarship, placing articles in top journals and securing book publication offers from leading academic presses, including Princeton and Oxford. Collectively, this scholarly work covers an extremely diverse range of topics and addresses some of the most important issues of the day. These placements are just one component of our faculty’s influential legal and interdisciplinary scholarship and reinforce our strength as a global leader for scholarly excellence.

Bob Anderson Bob Anderson

"Water Rights, Water Quality, and Jurisdiction in Indian Country," forthcoming in the Stanford Environmental Law Review.

Helen Anderson Helen Anderson

"Frenemies of the Court: The Many Faces of Amicus Curiae," University of Richmond Law Review (2015).

Steve Calandrillo Steve Calandrillo

"In Vitro Fertilization and the Law: How Legal and Regulatory Neglect Compromised a Medical Breakthrough," with Chryssa V. Deliganis, forthcoming in the Arizona Law Review.

Angelica Chazaro Angelica Chazaro

"Beyond Respectability: Dismantling the Harms of ‘Illegality,'" forthcoming in the Harvard Journal on Legislation.

"Challenging the Criminal Alien Paradigm," forthcoming in the UCLA Law Review.


MJ Durkee MJ Durkee

"The Business of Treaties," forthcoming in the UCLA Law Review.

Jennifer Fan Jennifer Fan

"Institutionalizing the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program for Transactional Law Clinics," forthcoming in the Lewis & Clark Law Review.

"Coming of Age: Innovation Districts and the Role of Law Schools," forthcoming in the Clinical Law Review.


Mary Fan Mary Fan

"The Supply-Side Attack on Lethal Injection and the Rise of Execution Secrecy," Boston University Law Review (2015).

"Hospitalization and Risk for Subsequent Violent Injury, Death, or Crime Perpetration: A Cohort Study," in collaboration with co-authors, forthcoming in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

"Private Data, Public Safety: Piercing Corporate Privacy," forthcoming in the North Carolina Law Review.

"Violence and Police Diversity: A Call for Research," forthcoming in the BYU Law Review.


Bob Gomulkiewicz Bob Gomulkiewicz

"Leaky Covenants-Not-To-Compete As The Legal Infrastructure For Innovation," forthcoming in the UC Davis Law Review.

Michael Hatfield Michael Hatfield

"Taxation and Surveillance: An Agenda," forthcoming in the Yale Journal of Law & Technology.

Sanne Knudsen Sanne Knudsen

"Unearthing the Lost History of Seminole Rock," with Amy Wildermuth, forthcoming in the Emory Law Journal.

Anita K. Krug Anita K. Krug

"Investing and Pretending," Iowa Law Review (2015).

"Uncertain Futures in Evolving Financial Markets," forthcoming in the Washington University Law Review.

Stewart Jay Stewart Jay

"The Curious Exclusion of Corporations From the Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV," forthcoming in the Hofstra Law Review.

Lisa Manheim Lisa Manheim

"Beyond Severability," forthcoming in the Iowa Law Review.

Shannon McCormack Shannon McCormack

"Over-Taxing the Working Family: Uncle Sam and the Childcare Squeeze," forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review.

Kathy McGinnis Kathleen McGinnis

"Revisiting Claim and Issue Preclusion in Washington," Washington Law Review (2015).

Sean O'Connor Sean O'Connor

"The Lost ‘Art’ of the Patent System," forthcoming in the University of Illinois Law Review.

Liz Porter Elizabeth Porter

"Pragmatism Rules," forthcoming in the Cornell Law Review.

Anita Ramasastry Anita Ramasastry

"Is There a Right to Be Free From Corruption?," forthcoming in the UC Davis Law Review.

"Corporate Social Responsibility versus Business and Human Rights: Bridging The Gap Between Responsibility and Accountability," forthcoming in the Journal of Human Rights.


Zahr Said Zahr Said

"Reforming Copyright Interpretation," forthcoming in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology.

Hugh Spitzer Hugh Spitzer

"'Home Rule' vs. 'Dillon’s Rule' for Washington Cities," Seattle University Law Review (2015).

Kathryn Watts Kathryn Watts

"Controlling Presidential Control," forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review.

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