Part-Time Lecturers

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Adams, Jared E., Condie & Adams, PLLC

T532 - Income Taxation of Trusts & Estates

Alt, Justin

Bailly, Maggy

P552 - Strategic Intellectual Property Commercialization

Baker, La Rond

Bangasser, Hugh, K & L Gates LLP

P509 - Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights

Beatty, Mark

A517 - Securities Regulation

Behnke, Lance, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

T511 - Taxation of Partners and Partnerships

Benjamin, Andrew

B534 - Counseling Workshop
E536 - Small or Solo Law Practice

Bernard, Michael

T550 - Global Perspectives on International Taxation

Bowman, Bill

Brotherton, Joe

Brown, Alice

Brown, Chris

Brown, Rodney

Burdell, Charles

Carnell, Eric

B536 - Drafting Business Documents

Carney, Christopher

Chafee, John, Starbucks Coffee Co.

B516 - International Contracting
B540 - Japanese Law

Chapin, Samuel

Chernak, Todd

Christensen, Bryon

T550 - Global Perspectives on International Taxation

Colvin, John

Costello, Kristine

B521 - Trial Advocacy II

Coughenour, John, UW District Court Western Dist. Of WA

Crandell, Robert

H582 - Health Care Fraud & Abuse

Culbert, Thomas Andrew, Microsoft Corp.

P567 - Intellectual Property Survey

Cumbow, Robert

P525 - Intellectual Property Law Seminar

de Sa e Silva, Marco

Dion, Michael

Duarte, Francisco , Fury Bailey, PS

Duff, Greg

Dugan, Ben

Edwards, Scott, Lane Powell PC

Emans, Joel

Emerson, Ramona, K & L Gates LLP

P509 - Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights

Falvy, Dean

Frankel, David

Freeman, Janet

Friedman, Andrew

B521 - Trial Advocacy II

Frost, Ann

B514 - Street Law

Gallagher, Linda

Gannett, Craig

Gartner, Gabriel

Gaul, Josh

Gautschi, Frederick

B523 - Negotiation

Ghassemieh, Mehrdad

Giovarelli, Renee

B564 - Women, Poverty, and Natural Resource Management Seminar
B578 - Legal Problems Of Economic Development Seminar

Grayson, Carole

B533 - Interviewing And Counseling For Lawyers
E536 - Small or Solo Law Practice

Greer, George E

Grembowski, Megan

Guenther, David

Harris, Kelly

Hart, John

Hermanns, Karl, Seed Intellectual Property Law Group

P550 - Patent Prosecution

Hinnen, Todd

Hintze, Michael

Hom, Curtis

Jacobs, Cynthia , UW School of Law

H545 - FDA Law

Jacobs, Russ

B516 - International Contracting

Karwaki, Tanya

B571 - PhD Colloquium

Kessler, Bradford

Knight, Jason

Kolde, Endel

Krauss, Jan

P545 - Advanced Patent Law Seminar

Kris, David

Kruckeberg, Kurt

A502 - Civil Procedure I

Lairson, Andrea

E514 - The Law Of Nonprofit Organizations

Laumann, Rhonda

Lehmann, Paula

Lenci, David, K & L Gates LLP

Levine, Rebecca Leah

Mahon, Robert, Perkins Coie LLP

Manning, Margaret

McGaughey, Shellie

B521 - Trial Advocacy II

McGowan, Donald

McIntyre, Jennifer, Snohomish County Public Defenders Assn.

B514 - Street Law

McReynolds, Emily

Medleau, Keith, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS

T518 - Taxation Of S Corporations

Meiklejohn, Paul, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Merrikin, Karen

Middaugh, Mark

Milam, Steve, UW School of Law

H509 - End Of Life: Rights And Choices

Miller, Eric

Miller, Jennifer L.

Murphy, Andrew

B521 - Trial Advocacy II

Oh, Alex

P590 - Graduate Intellectual Property Law Tutorial

Park, Esther

B530 - Judicial Externship
B535 - Legislative Externship
B538 - Agency Externships
B539 - Public Interest Law Externship
B560 - Criminal Justice Externship
B567 - General Externship Perspectives Seminar
B567 - General Externship Perspectives Seminar
B567 - General Externship Perspectives Seminar
C530 - For-Profit Small Firm Externship

Percival, Don

Philip, Sasha

Quintal, Amber

T540 - Tax Research & Writing

Ranade, Amit

A582 - Bankruptcy

Ritchie, Jennifer

Robbins, David

Robertson, Andrea

Robertson, Bruce

Rocke, Aaron

Roe, Becky

Ross, Douglas, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

Shaw, Melissa

E578 - Foundations in American Law Tested on the Bar Exam

Smith, Chad

P546 - Advanced Trademark Law

Stewart, Douglas, Bracewell LLP

Swaminathan, Aravind

Swanson, Gerald

Thompson, Christine

Thomson, Aaron

A501 - Contracts

Thorson, Lee, Birmingham, Thorson & Barnett

T521 - Compensation And Benefits I

Ugai, Brian

T550 - Global Perspectives on International Taxation

Vana, James , Perkins Coie

Vaughan, Kate

Way, M. John

T540 - Tax Research & Writing

Weaver, Brett

Weinstein, Jason

T530 - Tax Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

Wiebe, Cameron

T530 - Tax Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

Wool, Jeffrey

Wurdeman, Matthew

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