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Garvey Schubert Barer Professor of Law
Professor of Law, Dean Emeritus

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Roland Hjorth, Taxation of Business Enterprises (Matthew Bender, 1981), revised, 1988.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Christine J. Kim & Roland Hjorth, Does Charity Begin at Home for Pharmaceutical Companies?, 133 Tax Notes 49-62 (2011).

Roland Hjorth, "The Effect of Federal Tax Consequences on Amounts of Property Allocated to Spouses in State Court Dissolution Proceedings," 24 Family Law Quarterly 247-278 (1990).

Roland Hjorth, "Divorce, Taxes, and the 1984 Tax Reform Act: An Inadequate Response to an Old Problem," 61 Wash. L. Rev. 151-190.

Roland Hjorth, "Installment Sales Act: Cost Recovery, 337 Liquidations, Related Parties, Dispositions" (with Meade Emory), 54 Journal of Taxation 130 (1981).

Roland Hjorth, "An Analysis of the Changes Made by the Installment Sales Revision Act of 1980" (with Meade Emory), 54 Journal of Taxation 66 (1981).

Roland Hjorth, "Special Estate Tax Valuation and the Emergence of a Landholding Elite Class," 53 Wash. L. Rev. 609 (1978).

Roland Hjorth, "New Jobs Tax Credit," 55 TAXES 707 (1977).

Roland Hjorth, "Tax Consequences of Post-Dissolution Support Payment Arrangements," 51 Wash. L. Rev. 233-71 (1976).

Roland Hjorth, "Community Property Marital Settlements: The Problem and a Proposal," 50 Wash. L. Rev. 231-75 (1975).

Roland Hjorth, "A Tax Subsidy for Child Care: Section 210 of the Revenue Act of 1976," 50 TAXES 133-45 (1972).

Roland Hjorth, "Farm Losses and Related Provisions," 25 Tax L. Rev. 581-610 (1970).

Roland Hjorth, Book Review, B. Bittker & L. Ebb, United States Taxation of Non-resident Aliens and Foreign Income, 117 U. Pa. L. Rev. 508-20 (1969).

Roland Hjorth, "Cattle, Congress and the Code: The Dangers of Tax Incentives," 1969 Wisc. L. Rev. 641-72 (1969).

Roland Hjorth, Book Review, J. Chommie, Federal Income Taxation, 15 U.C.L.A. L. Rev. 1606-12 (1968).

Roland Hjorth, "Liquidations and Reincorporations--Before and After Davant," 42 Wash. L. Rev. 737-86 (1967).

Roland Hjorth, "An Introduction to Capital Gains and Losses," 41 Wash. L. Rev. 764-800 (1966).

Roland Hjorth, "The Common Agricultural Policy: Crisis in the Common Market," 40 Wash. L. Rev. 685-742 (1965).

Roland Hjorth, "Criminal Law--Evidence--Right of the Criminally Accused to Require Court to Examine Grand Jury Statements of Government Witnesses for Impeachment Purposes (United States v. Zborowski, 271 F.2d Cir. 1959)", 35 New York Law Review 1370-1377 (1960).

Roland Hjorth, "Constitutional Law--Real Property--Implied trusts for religious purposes (Kreshik v. St. Nicholas Cathedral, 363 U.S. 190, 1960)", 35 New York Law Review 1370-1377 (1960).

Book Chapters

Roland Hjorth, "Federal Income Taxes: Separation and Divorce," Chapter 43 of Washington Community Property Deskbook (Washington State Bar Association, 1977).

Roland Hjorth, "Taxes and Real Property," 2 Washington Lawyer Practice Manual (1976) (with Edward Rauscher) (60 pp.).

Roland Hjorth, "Investments in Farm Operations," Chapter 46 of J.K. Lasser's, Income Tax Techniques (1971).


Roland Hjorth, "Transnational Tax: Fundamental Problems," The IBL Bulletin 1 (April, 1970) (translated into Japanese by Yashuhiro Fujita).


Roland Hjorth, Weekly columns about legal education and the U.W. Law School, 1995-2001 (publication in bound form in Marian Gould Gallagher Library).

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