Roland Hjorth

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Garvey Schubert Barer Professor of Law
Professor of Law, Dean Emeritus

(206) 543-9476

Curriculum Vitae |

Legal Issues in Doing Business in the United States (translated into Chinese by Shiyun Chen) (2002). , Jan. 2002

Tax Aspects of Divorce and Separation, Washington Law School Foundation, Feb. 18, 1994

International Corporate Reorganizations, Washington Law School Foundation, Nov. 20, 1992

Recent Developments in Federal Taxation, Northwest Society of Public Accountants, Oct. 15, 1992

Planning Property Settlements under the Arnes Decision, Washington Law School Foundation, Sixth Annual Family Law Institute, Apr. 20, 1992

Tax Planning with S Corporations, Washington Law School Foundation, Oct. 23, 1991

Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders: Materials for a Short Course, Washington Law School Foundation (September 17-21, 1990) (350 pp)., Sep. 17, 1990

Tax Planning with S Corporations and Partnerships, Washington Law School Foundation, May 26, 1989

Allocation of Partnership Income and Loss, Washington Law School Foundation and Lewis & Clark Law School, Nov. 14, 1988

The Alternative Minimum Tax, Sixth Annual Federal Tax Conference, Washington Law School Foundation (October 30, 1987) (84 pp).

Tax Consequences of Marriage Dissolution, Washington Law School Foundation (April 18, 1987) (28 pp).

Tax Consequences of Incorporating Small Businesses, Washington Law School Foundation (November 22, 1986) (31 pp).

Materials for a Short Course on Corporate Tax, Washington Law School Foundation (April 19 - May 10, 1986) (258 pp).

Basic Income Tax-Materials For a Short Course, Washington Law School Foundation (June 18-22, 1984) (86 pp).

Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements: Tax Consequences of Stock Redemptions (October 15, 1983) (33 pp).

Buying and Selling Incorporated Small Businesses, Washington Law School Foundation (April 9, 1983) (52 pp).

Seller Financing of Real Estate Transactions, Washington Law School Foundation (February 26, 1981) (36 pp).

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