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Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

In Seop Chung, Chulwoo Lee, Ho Taeg Lee & Jung Hae Park, The Treatment of Stateless Persons and the Reduction of Statelessness: Policy Suggestions for the Republic of Korea, 13 Korea Rev. Int'l Stud. no.1, 2010, at 7-30, available at,%20Chulwoo%20Lee,%20Ho%20Taeg%20Lee,%20Jung%20Hae%20Pa.pdf.

Chulwoo Lee, South Korea: The Transformation of Citizenship and the State-Nation Nexus, 40 J. Contemp. Asia 230-51 (2010).

Chulwoo Lee, The Rule of Law and Forms of Power: Theorizing the Social Foundations of the Rule of Law in Korea, 49 Korea J., no. 4, 2009, at 5-28.

Chulwoo Lee, The Legal Topography of Agrarian Relations in Southern Korea under Japanese Rule: Law and Tenancy Practices in Suncheon County, South Jeolla Province, 12 Rev. Korean Stud. 139-64 (2008).

Chulwoo Lee, Democratization and Legal Change in South Korea: Overview, 6 Rev. Korean Stud., no. 2, 2003, at 3-26.

Chulwoo Lee, Talking about Law and Society in Korea under Japanese Rule: Issues to Be Addressed, Hôshakaigaku [Law & Soc'y], issue 57, 2002, at 201-23.

Chulwoo Lee, Talking about Korean Legal Culture: A Critical Review of the Discursive Production of Legal Culture in Korea, 38 Korea J., no. 3, 1998, at 45-76.

Chulwoo Lee, Equity and Ideology in the International Law of Development: The "New International Economic Order" Revisited, 2 Int'l Area Rev., no. 1, 1997, at 49-80.

Chulwoo Lee, Datsu-A and Nyu-A: The Ideological Duality of Japanese Expansionism, ASEN Bull., No. 10, 1996, at 10-16.

Chulwoo Lee, Cultural Missions and Ideological Resources of Japanese Colonialism in Korea, Boepsahak yeongu [Korean J. Legal Hist.], issue 14, 1993, at 175-209.

Book Chapters

Chulwoo Lee, "Us" and "Them" in Korean Law: The Creation, Accommodation and Exclusion of Outsiders in South Korea, in East Asian Law Universal Norms and Local Cultures (Arthur Rosett, Lucie Cheng & Margaret Y. K. Woo eds., RoutledgeCurzon 2003).

Chulwoo Lee, Talking about Korean Legal Culture: A Critical Review of the Discursive Production of Legal Culture in Korea, in Korean Politics: Striving for Democracy and Unification (Korean National Commission for UNESCO ed., Hollym 2002).

Chulwoo Lee, Modernity, Legality, and Power in Korea under Japanese Rule, in Colonial Modernity in Korea (Gi-Wook Shin & Michael Robinson eds., Harvard University Asia Center 1999).

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