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"How Can You Say You're Korean?: Law, Governmentality, and National Membership in South Korea," Paper presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting (25-30 May 2010, Chicago).

"The Politics of Sovereignty, the Sociology of Governmentality, and the Regulation of Statelessness," Paper presented at the Inaugural East Asian Law and Society Conference (5-6 February 2010, Hong Kong).

"The Condition and Treatment of Stateless Persons: Policy Suggestions for the Republic of Korea," Paper presented at the Workshop on Statelessness Issues: National and International Standards and Practices," organized by the Global Research Institute, Korea University, co-hosted by the International Division of Korea University and the UNHCR Korea Office (27 November 2009, Seoul)

"The Law and Politics of Ethnizenship," Paper presented at the International Conference on Human Rights and the Social, Department of Sociology and the Institute for Social Development, Seoul National University (5-6 November 2009, Seoul).

"The Legitimacy of Ethnizenship," Presentation at the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy [Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts und Sozialphilosophie] (15-20 September 2009, Beijing).

"All for the Nation-State: The Politics of Denizenship, Ethnizenship and Dual Citizenship in South Korea," Presented at the International Conference on Contested Citizenship in East Asia, organized jointly by the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University and the Institute of State Governance, Yonsei University (28-29 May 2009, Seoul).

"Nation-State v. Nation-State: The Transformation of Citizenship and the State-Nation Nexus in South Korea," Paper presented at the Symposium on Globalization of South Korea: Its Impact and Opportunities, organized jointly by the Graduate School of Governance, Sungkyunkwan University and the Journal of Contemporary Asia (17-18 December 2008, Seoul).

"Reaching out to Compatriots Abroad: Making Sense of the Overseas Koreans Act and the Hungarian Status Law," Paper presented at the International Conference on Global Migration and the Household in East Asia, organized by the Korea International Migration Association (2-3 February 2007, Seoul).

"Reaching out to Compatriots Abroad: Legal Strategies of Transnational Nation-States," Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law of the International Sociological Association (11-13 July 2005, Paris).

"The Transnationalisation of Citizenship and the Logic of the Nation-State," Paper presented at the 6th Conference of the Asia-Pacific Sociological Association (18-19 September 2004, Seoul).

"Questioning the Concept of Modernity in Korean Historiography," Paper presented at the 6th Pacific and Asia Conference on Korean Studies (18-20 June 2002, Seoul).

"The Rule of Law and the Constellation of Power," Paper presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting (30 May-2 June 2002, Vancouver).

"Talking About Law and Society under Japanese Rule: Issues to Be Addressed," Paper presented at the Conference on Law and Society in East Asia, jointly organised by the Korean Society for the Sociology of Law and the Kansai/Kyushu Branches of the Japan Association of Sociology of Law (15 September 2001, Seoul).

"Ethnie, Nation and State: The Sociology of Korean Nationality,"

Presentation at the 2nd International Convention of Asian Scholars,

(912 August 2001, Berlin).

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