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Former Toni Rembe Dean
Professor of Law

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Kellye Y. Testy, Why Law Matters, 65 J. Legal Educ. 707-09 (2016) (Presidential address, Ass' of Am. Law Sch. Annual Meeting, Jan. 9, 2016).

Kellye Y. Testy, Have Fun with Strategic Planning, 46 U. Tol. L. Rev. 401-06 (2015).

Kellye Y. Testy, Foreword: Compensated Surrogacy in the Age of Windsor, 89 Wash. L. Rev. 1069-76 (2014).

Kellye Y. Testy, Being a Dean is a Drag . . . But Not for the Reasons You Might Expect, 42 Sw. L Rev. 765-69 (2013).

Kellye Y. Testy, Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Law Faculty, 96 Iowa L. Rev. 1707-17 (2011).

Kellye Y. Testy, Encouraging Diversity in Law School Deanships, 31 Seattle U. L. Rev. 737-38 (2008).

Kellye Y. Testy, Standing for Excellence, Reaching for Justice, 30 Seattle U. L. Rev. 1-2 (2006).

Kellye Y. Testy, Corporate Prophet: An Introduction to Susan Stabile's A Catholic Vision of the Corporation, 4 Seattle J. Soc. Just. 175-80 (2005).

Kellye Y. Testy, Capitalism and Freedom -- For Whom? Feminist Legal Theory and Progressive Corporate Law, Law & Contemp. Probs., Autumn 2004, at 87-108.

Kellye Y. Testy, Whose Deal Is It? Teaching about Structural Inequality by Teaching Contracts Transactionally, 34 U. Tol. L. Rev. 699-704 (2003).

Kellye Y. Testy, Commentary: Convergence as Movement: Toward a Counter-Hegemonic Approach to Corporate Governance, 24 Law & Pol'y 433-40 (2002).

Kellye Y. Testy, Linking Progressive Corporate Law with Progressive Social Movements, 76 Tul. L. Rev. 1227-52 (2002).

Kellye Y. Testy, The Beginning of Herstory for Corporate Law, 1 Seattle J. Soc. Just. 453-55 (2002).

David M. Skover & Kellye Y. Testy, LesBiGay Identity as Commodity, 90 Cal. L. Rev. 223-55 (2002).

Kellye Y. Testy, Adding Value(s) to Corporate Law: An Agenda for Reform, 34 Ga. L. Rev. 1025-47 (2000).

Kellye Y. Testy, Wouldn't It Be Nice: Linking Struggles for Justice, 33 Cal. W. L. Rev. 209-17 (1997).

Kellye Y. Testy, Old Questions, New Contexts: Corporate Law in Emerging Nations, 17 N.Y.L. Sch. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 503-08 (1997).

Kellye Y. Testy, An Unlikely Resurrection, 90 Nw. U. L. Rev. 219-35 (1995).

Kellye Y. Testy, Comity and Cooperation: Securities Regulation in a Global Marketplace, 45 Ala. L. Rev. 927-59 (1994).

Kellye Y. Testy, The Financial Services Industry: A New World (Dis)Order?, 67 Ind. L.J. 207-11 (1992).

Kellye Y. Testy, The Capital Markets in Transition: A Response to New SEC Rule 144A, 66 Ind. L.J. 233-71 (1990).

Book Chapters

Kellye Y. Testy, Leading for Mission, in Law School Leadership Strategies: Top Deans on Benchmarking Success, Incorporating Feedback from Faculty and Students, and Building the Endowment 225-34 (Aspatore Books 2006).

Kellye Y. Testy, A Market Path to Liberation?: Feminism, Economics, and Corporate Law, in Law and Economics: Alternative Economic Approaches to Legal and Regulatory Issues 55-76 (Margaret Oppenheimer & Nicholas Mercuro eds., M.E. Sharpe 2005).

Kellye Y. Testy, Relational Background: Donald Odorizzi's Story, in Randy E. Barnett, Contracts: Cases and Doctrine 1122-29 (2d ed. Aspen 1999).

Professional Publications

Annette Clark & Kellye Y. Testy, Hey Dean! Top 10 Myths about Legal Education, NWLawyer, Sept. 2015, at 32-34.

Annette Clark, Jane Korn & Kellye Testy, Legal Education and Cultural Competency, NWLawyer, July/Aug. 2015, at 9-10.

Kellye Testy, UW School of Law Dedicates Academic Year to Paul Steven Miller: Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law, Civil Rights Pioneer, Former White House Advisor, and the Longest-Serving EEOC Commissioner, Wash. St. B. News, Jan. 2011, at 30-31.

Kellye Y. Testy, Civil Legal Representation and Access to Justice in WashingtonAn Invitation to an Important Conversation, Wash. St. B. News, Feb. 2010, at 24-26.

Book Reviews

Kellye A. [sic] Testy, From Liberationists to Lobbyists, Lesbian Rev. Books, Fall 2001, at 12-14 (reviewing Ellen D.B. Riggle & Barry L. Tadlock, Gays and Lesbians in the Democratic Process: Public Policy, Public Opinion, and Political Representation (1999)).

Kellye Y. Testy, Intention in Tension, 20 Seattle U. L. Rev. 319-41 (1997) (reviewing Randy E. Barnett, Contracts, Cases and Doctrine (1995)).


George Critchlow, Mark Niles & Kellye Y. Testy, Opinion, Ensuring the Promise of "Equal Justice under Law," Seattle Times, Dec. 6, 2010, at A19.

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