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"Doing Business in Developing Markets: New Tools and Insights from Development Law", University of Tokyo 32nd Comparative Law and Politics Symposium on Recent Issues of American Law August 5 2008, ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo

'Managing a PhD Program', Nagoya University, June 26, 2008

'The Ethics of Development Lawyering', Nagoya University Faculty of Law, June 25 2008

'Practical Challenges in Technical Legal Assistance', Nagoya University, Faculty of Law, June 18, 2008

'Managing Your PhD: Efficiency, Enjoyment and Impact', Nagoya University Faculty of Law, PhD Program June 19, 2008

' The Challenges of Remaking the Legal System in Afghanistan', CLE sponsored by Temple University Tokyo Campus and Foreign Women Lawyers' Association, Tokyo, June 3 2008

'Reinventing Japanese Courts' for Panel on Judiciaries as Catalysts of Change, Law and Society Association Conference Montreal, June 2008

"Japanese Commercial Transactions and Sanctions Revisited: Sumitomo v UFJ" for Washington University in St Lois Whitney R Harris Institute for Global Legal Studies Festschrift in honour of JO Haley, May 2008

'Why Asia?' Opening Remarks, 'Framing Legal and Human Rights Strategies for Change: A Case Study of Disability Rights in Asia University of Washington School of Law April 24-25, 2008

'Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: The Challenges of Legal Technical Assistance', Waseda University Law School, Japan March 2008

"From Beijing to Kabul: UW Law School Expands its Global Reach," for UW and Law School Alumni, New York (Nov. 4, 2007).

"The Ethics of Development Lawyering" for Kobe University Faculty of Law, November 2007

'From Manners to Rules: the Reregulation of Japan' for 'Pushing Against Globalization: Regulation in Asia', Monash University Faculty of Business Law and Management November 2007

'Globalization of Education and Sustainability', Presentation on behalf of UW Provost Phyllis Wise for Kobe University North America Week 50th Anniversary of Kobe-Seattle Sister City Relationship, Kobe University November 2007

"Reinventing Japanese Courts," for New Courts in Asia, Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives University of Victoria, Canada (July 15-16, 2007).

'The Ethics of Development Lawyering' for 'Rule of Law on the International Agenda: Policy, Politics and Morality', Umea University Sweden June 15-16, 2007

"Who Regulates Japan's Lawyers"? for Current Trends in Japanese Law and the Legal Profession, Creighton University School of Law, May 11-13, 2007

"Re-regulating Japan," for Barnes Symposium on Legal Change, University of South Carolina Law School (Feb. 2-3, 2007).

'Re-regulating Japan' for Barnes Symposium on Legal Change, University of South Carolina Law School, 2-3 February 2007

"Zen and the Law School," for Association of Asian Law Schools (ASLI) Conference, Shanghai (May 25-26, 2006).

"Governance, Law, Regulation, and Globalization," for UW Global Affairs Retreat (May 20, 2006).

"Technical Legal Assistance as Regulation," CAFTA Legal Needs and Reform, Southwestern Law school, Los Angeles (Feb. 27, 2006).

"Empirical Research, Strategies and Resources," for Afghan Legal Educators Study Tour Program, UW Law School (Feb. 19-25, 2006).

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