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Senior Law Lecturer


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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Sarah Kaltsounis, Recent Skirmishes Between Washington's Legislature and Supreme Court in the Battle over K-12 Public School Funding, 1 Wash. J. Educ. L. & Pol'y 67-69 (2015).

Tom Cobb & Sarah Kaltsounis, Real Collaborative Context: Opinion Writing and the Appellate Process, 5 J. Ass'n Legal Writing Directors 156-76 (2008).

Sarah E. Farley, Least Restrictive Environments: Assessing Classroom Placement of Students with Disabilities under the IDEA, 77 Wash. L. Rev. 809-42 (2002).

Book Chapters

Sarah Kaltsounis, Cause of Action for Violation of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, in 37 Causes of Action 2d, at 447-613 (West-Thomson 2008).

Professional Publications

Sarah Kaltsounis, Passive with a Purpose, De Novo, Aug. 2012, at 15.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Dashing Prose: Using Different Types of Dashes, De Novo, June 2012, at 14-15.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Mastering Washington Citation Style, De Novo, Apr. 2012, at 15-16.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Fun with Fonts: Tips for Using Typefaces Effectively, De Novo, Feb. 2012, at 16-17.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Writing Samples: Impress Potential Employers with Your Research, Analysis, and Writing, De Novo, Dec. 2011, at 9-10.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Knock Out Your Writer's Block with a Deliberate Writing Process, De Novo, Oct. 2011, at 14-15.

Sara Kaltsounis, The Right Way to Write, De Novo, Aug. 2011, at 12-13.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Poetry, Humiliation, and the Nine Circles of Hell: An Annotated Bibliography of Unusual Judicial Opinions, King County B. Bull., May 2007.

Sarah Kaltsounis, The School of Rock: Learn Criminal Law by Listening to the Radio, King County B. Bull., Nov. 2006.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Prying the Second Amendment's Meaning from the Founders' Cold Dead Hands, King County B. Bull., June 2006.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Senate, House Bills Would Split Ninth Circuit, King County B. Bull., Nov. 2005.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Vegetarian Law Finds Fertile Ground, King County B. Bull., Nov. 2005.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Law Clerks' Top Ten Tips for Effective Appellate Advocacy, King County B. Bull., Oct. 2005.

Sarah Kaltsounis, Lawyers Helping Hungry Children Makes a Difference for Washington Families, King County B. Bull., Sept. 2005.

Sarah H. Farley Kaltsounis, Pro Bono Opportunities at the Ninth Circuit, De Novo, June 2004, at 8.

Works in Progress

Building a Memory Palace: Helping Visual Learners Revive the Ancient "Method of Loci"

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