Jonathan A. Eddy

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Academic Director, Legal Education Support Program – Afghanistan
Professor of Law

(206) 616-5825

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Jonathan A. Eddy & Peter Winship, Commercial Transactions: Text, Cases and Problems (Little Brown 1985). 997 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Jon Eddy, Lessons from Afghanistan: Some Suggested Ethical Imperatives for Rule of Law Programs, 39 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 901-41 (2013).

Jon Eddy, Rule of Law in Afghanistan: The Intrusion of Reality, Kokusai Kyôryoku Ronshû [J. Int'l Cooperation Stud.], Oct. 2009, at 1-23.

Jonathan A. Eddy, Legal Culture, Institutional Design Choices, and the Struggle to Implement an Effective Anti-Money Laundering Regime in Indonesia, 7 Austrl. J. Asian L. 1-23 (2005).

Jonathan A. Eddy, On the "Essential" Purposes of Limited Remedies: The Metaphysics of UCC Section 2-719(2), 65 Cal. L. Rev. 28-93 (1977).

Jonathan Eddy, Effects of the Magnuson-Moss Act on Consumer Product Warranties, 55 N.C. L. Rev. 805 (1977).

Jonathan Eddy, Payment with Subrogation under the Ethiopian Civil Code, 9 J. Ethiopian L. 106 (1973).

Jonathan A. Eddy, Crisci's Dicta of Strict Liability for Insurer's Failure to Settle: A Move Toward Rational Settlement Behavior, 43 Wash. L. Rev. 799-819 (1968).

Book Chapters

Jon Eddy, The Asian Law Center: An Evolution, in Legal Innovations in Asia: Judicial Lawmaking and the Influence of Comparative Law 48-57 (John O. Haley & Toshiko Takenaka eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014).

Jonathan Eddy, "Letters of Credit," in UCC Commercial Law Deskbook (Wash. Bar Ass'n 1983).

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