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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Louis E. Wolcher, The Ethics of Justice Without Illusions (Routledge GlassHouse Books 2016). 250 pages.

Louis E. Wolcher, Law's Task: The Tragic Circle of Law, Justice and Human Suffering (Ashgate 2008). 251 pages.

Louis E. Wolcher, Beyond Transcendence in Law and Philosophy (Birkbeck Law Press 2005). 250 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Louis E. Wolcher, Cultural Diversity and Universal Human Rights, 43 Cambrian L. Rev. 44-63 (2012).

Louis E. Wolcher, The Critical Imperative, The Crit, Summer 2012. 11 pages

Louis E. Wolcher, The Ethics of the Unsaid in the Sphere of Human Rights, 26 Notre Dame J.L. Ethics & Pub. Pol'y 533-47 (2012).

Louis E. Wolcher, Intent to Charge for Unsolicited Benefits Conferred in an Emergency: A Case Study in the Meaning of "Unjust" in the Restatement (Third) of Restitution & Unjust Enrichment, 68 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 911-47 (2011).

Louis E. Wolcher, Asking the Right Question in Business Ethics, 17 J. L. Bus. & Ethics 9-22 (2011).

Louis E. Wolcher, The Meaning of Justice in the World Today, 66 Nat'l Law. Guild Rev. 228-45 (2009).

Louis E. Wolcher, Unreal City, Unreal Law, 6 Int'l J. L. Context 295-306 (2010).

Louis Wolcher, Thoughts on the Intersection between Religion and Human Rights, Haft Aseman Quarterly (2010) (Mehdi Eivazy translator (Persian)).

Louis E. Wolcher, An Inquiry into the Possibility of an Ethical Politics, 11 Rutgers J. L. & Relig. 383-405 (2010); reprinted in 3 Nw. Interdisc. L. Rev. 1-21 (2010).

Louis E. Wolcher, Senseless Kindness: The Politics of Cost-Benefit Analysis, 25 Law & Ineq.147-202 (2007).

Louis E. Wolcher, Universal Suffering and the Ultimate Task of Law, 24 Windsor Y.B. Access Just. 361-99 (2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, The Tragic Foundations of Human Rights, 24 Wis. Int'l L. J. 523-56 (2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, How Legal Language Works, 2 Unbound: Harv. J. Legal Left 91-125 (2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, A Philosophical Investigation into Methods of Constitutional Interpretation in the United States and the United Kingdom, 13 Va. J. Soc. Pol'y & L. 239-89 (2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, Nature and Freedom, 9 Indep. Rev.: J. Pol. Econ. 263-70 (2004).

Louis E. Wolcher, A Meditation on Law and Ethics, 1 Slovenian L. Rev. 139-50 (2004).

Louis E. Wolcher, The End of Technology: A Polemic, 79 Wash. L. Rev. 331-88 (2004).

Louis Wolcher, Ethics, Justice, and Suffering in the Thought of Levinas: The Problem of the Passage, 14 Law & Crit. 93-116 (2003), reprinted in 2 Critical Legal Theory (Costas Douzinas & Colin Perrin eds., Routledge forthcoming Dec. 2011).

Louis Wolcher, What is the Rule of Law? Perspectives from Central Europe and the American Academy, 78 Wash. L. Rev. 515-24 (2003).

Louis Wolcher, The Third Mountain: A Meditation on Chaos and Order, 15 Int'l J. Semiotics L. 25-52 (2002).

Louis Wolcher, Meditacija o pravu in etiki ("A Meditation on Law and Ethics"), 57 Pravnik 179-89 (Vesca Lamut trans., 2002 (Slovenian)).

Louis Wolcher, The Poetry of Negligence, 23 Liverpool L. Rev. 187-97 (2001).

Louis Wolcher, Language as Mimesis, 5 L. Text. Culture 187-225 (2001).

Louis Wolcher & Marijan Pavcnik, A Dialogue on Legal Theory Between a European Legal Philosopher and His American Friend, 35 Tex. Int'l L.J. 335-86 (2000).

Louis Wolcher, The Paradox of Remedies: The Case of International Human Rights Law, 38 Colum. J. Transnat'l L. 515-61 (2000).

Louis Wolcher, Moz v Sobi: opazke k Derridajeri moci prava ("The Man in a Room: Remarks on Derrida's Force of Law"), 51 Pravnik 567-89 (Matjaz Nahtigal trans., 2000 (Slovenian)).

Louis Wolcher, "Ezikt na Vremento" ("Time's Language"), in 24 Leteratura 23-35 (Elena Aleksieva trans., 2000 (Bulgarian)).

Louis Wolcher, Die Sprache der Zeit ("Time's Language"), 47 Lettre Int'l 18-26 (Chris Hirte trans. 1999).

Louis Wolcher, A Meditation on Wittgenstein's Lecture on Ethics, 9 L. & Crit. 3-35 (1998).

Louis Wolcher, Ronald Dworkin's Right Answers Thesis Through the Lens of Wittgenstein, 29 Rutgers L. J. 43-65 (1997).

Louis Wolcher, Pavcnik's Theory of Legal Decisionmaking: An Introduction, 72 Wash. L. Rev. 469-80 (1997).

Louis Wolcher, The Man in a Room: Remarks on Derrida's Force of Law, 7 L. & Crit. 35-64 (1996).

Louis Wolcher, What We Do Not Doubt: A Critical Legal Perspective, 46 Hastings L. J. 1783-1861 (1995).

Louis Wolcher, Critical Legal Doubts about Language, 30 New England L. Rev. 1-38 (1995).

Louis Wolcher, Being Mistaken, 5 L. & Crit. 175-207 (1994).

Louis Wolcher, The Many Meanings of "Wherefore" in Legal History, 68 Wash. L. Rev. 559-650 (1993).

Louis Wolcher, The Privilege of Idleness: A Case Study of Capitalism and the Common Law in Nineteenth Century America, 36 Am. J. Legal History 237-325 (1992).

Louis Wolcher, Annotated Contracts Haiku, 42 J. Leg. Ed. 141-42 (1992).

Louis Wolcher, "The Enchantress" and Karl Polanyi's Social Theory, 51 Ohio State L. J. 1243-81 (1990).

Louis Wolcher, Price Discrimination and Inefficient Risk Allocation Under the Rule of Hadley v. Baxendale, 12 Research L. & Econ. 9-31 (1989).

Louis Wolcher, The Accommodation of Regret in Contract Remedies, 73 Iowa L. Rev. 797-892 (1988).

Louis Wolcher, Sovereign Immunity and the Supremacy Clause: Damages Against States in Their Own Courts for Constitutional Violations, 69 Calif. L. Rev. 189-316 (1981).

Louis Wolcher, Limiting the Antitrust Immunity for Concerted Attempts to Influence Courts and Adjudicatory Agencies: Analogies to Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process, 86 Harv. L. Rev. 715-35 (1973).

Book Chapters

Louis E. Wolcher, Foreword, in Michelle Farrell, The Prohibition of Torture in Exceptional Circumstances xi-xiv (Cambridge University Press 2013).

Louis Wolcher, The Problem of Unity and Diversity in International Human Rights, in 1 NAM Yearbook on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity 13-42 (Kamran Hashemi & Linda Briskman eds., NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity 2012).

Marijan Pavcnik & Louis Wolcher, A Dialogue on Legal Theory Between a European Legal Philosopher and His American Friend, in Marijan Pavcnik, Auf Dem Weg Zum Mass des Rechts: Ausgewahlte Schriften zur Rechtstheorie 215-66 (Franz Steiner Verlag 2011).

Louis E. Wolcher, The Problem of the Subject(s), in Prospects of Legal Semiotics 145-69 (Anne Wagner & Jan M. Brokeman eds., Springer 2010).

Louis E. Wolcher, Rules and Statements, in Obscurity and Clarity in the Law: Prospects and Challenges 39-67 (Anne Wagner & Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy eds., Ashgate 2008).

Louis Wolcher, The Times of Religion and Human Rights, in Human Rights and Religion 101-04 (Mofid Univ. Publications 2007).

Louis Wolcher, Human Rights and Human Suffering, in Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights 141-60 (Carl Wellman & M. Habibi Modjandeh, eds., Mofid Univ. Publications 2007).

Louis E. Wolcher, Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, in 2 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties 866-69 (Paul Finkelman ed., Routledge 2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, Removal to Federal Court, in 3 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties 1315-16 (Paul Finkelman ed., Routledge 2006).

Louis E. Wolcher, Annotated Einstein Haiku, in Der Einstein-Komplex: 99 Philosophen, Schriftsteller, Künstler und Wissenschaftler Über Ein Genie [The Einstein Complex: 99 Philosophers, Writers, Artists and Scientists on a Genius] 146-47 (Gerd Weiberg & Frank Berberich eds., Wunderhorn 2005).

Louis E. Wolcher, Ronald Dworkin's Right Answers Thesis Through the Lens of Wittgenstein, in Wittgenstein and Law 357-79 (Dennis Patterson ed., Ashgate 2004).

Louis E. Wolcher, The Question Concerning Law and Technology, in Law and Modernity: Particular Problems 143-58 (Ola Zetterquist ed., Polpress 2004).

Louis E. Wolcher, Thought's Prison: An Image of Images, in Imaginary Boundaries of Justice: Social and Legal Justice across Disciplines 21-49 (Ronnie Lippens ed., Hart 2004).

Louis Wolcher, The Paradox of Remedies, in Human Rights in Philosophy and Practice 549-86 (Burton M. Leiser & Tom D. Campbell eds., Ashgate 2001).

Louis Wolcher, Introduction: Thinking Critically About Human Rights, in Human Rights, Women's Rights, Minority Rights: Proceedings of the 17th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), New York, June 24-30, 1999, at 11-18 (Alexander Brostl & Marijan Pavcnik eds., Franz Steiner Verlag 2001).

Louis Wolcher, "Sigan ui Ono" ("Time's Language"), in Sigan Uro Put' O Ui Haebang 195-254 (Nam Kyong-t'ae trans., Sein 2000 (Korean)).

Professional Publications

Louis Wolcher, The Meanings of the Commons, 23 An Architektur 4-5 (2010 insert) (Lecture Before the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, Law of the Commons Conference (March 13, 2009)).

Louis E. Wolcher, Constitutional Interpretation in the United States and the United Kingdom, in IVR Encyclopaedia of Jurisprudence, Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law (Eveline Feteris et al. eds, 2007).

Louis Wolcher, Law's Task, 52 U. Wash. Law Rev. 28-29 (2004).

Louis Wolcher & Robert Maines, Refusals to Deal and Exclusive Distributorships after GTE Sylvania, 375 Corporate Law and Practice Handbook (Practicing Law Institute 1981).

Book Reviews

Louis Wolcher, Book Review, 37 Phil. Rev. 221-23 (2017) (reviewing Malcolm Voyce, Foucault, Buddhism and Disciplinary Rules (2017)).

Louis E. Wolcher, Book Review, Wash. Indep. Rev. Books (July 11, 2013), http://www.washingtonindependentreviewofbooks.com/features/beyond-the-book-payback-the-case-for-revenge (reviewing Thane Rosenbaum, Payback: The Case for Revenge (2013)).

Louis E. Wolcher, Book Review, 72 Mod. L. Rev. 1035-44 (2009) (reviewing Oren Ben-Dor, Thinking about Law in Silence with Heidegger (2007)).

Louis Wolcher, A New and Superior Theory of Ideology?, 4 Independent Rev. J. of Pol. Econ. 291-302 (1999) (reviewing J.M. Balkin, Culturlal Software: A Theory of Ideology (1998)).


Louis E. Wolcher, Kommentierte Haikus, 69 Lettre Int'l 115 (2005).

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