Walter J. Walsh

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Walter J. Walsh, The Priest-Penitent Privilege -- An Hibernocentric Essay in Postcolonial Jurisprudence, 80 Indiana L.J. 1037-89 (2005).

Walter J. Walsh, The First Free Exercise Case, 73 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1-100 (2004).

Walter J. Walsh, The Fearful Symmetry of Gay Rights, Religious Freedom, and Racial Equality, 40 Howard L.J. 513 (1997).

Walter J. Walsh, Redefining Radicalism: A Historical Perspective, 59 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 636 (1991).

Book Chapters

Walter J. Walsh, The Elusivity of Rights, in Abuse: The Dark Side of Fundamental Rights 271-94 (András Sajó ed., Eleven International Publishing 2006).

Walter J. Walsh, Religion, Ethnicity and History -- Clues to the Cultural Construction of Law, in The New York Irish (T. Meagher & R. Bayor eds., Johns Hopkins University Press 1996 & 2d ed. 1997).

Walter J. Walsh, Poor People and the Law, in One Million Poor? The Challenge of Irish Inequality (S. Kennedy ed., Turoe Press 1981).

Book Reviews

Walter J. Walsh, Report of the Criminal Legal Aid Review Committee, 2 Crim. L.J. 18 (1982).

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