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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Lea B. Vaughn, Feeling at Home: Learning, Law, Cognitive Science, and Narrative, 43 McGeorge L. Rev. 99-1030 (2012).

Lea B. Vaughn, A Few Inconvenient Truths about Michael Crichton's State of Fear: Lawyers, Causes and Science, 20 Seton Hall. J. Sports & Ent. L. 49-84 (2010).

Lea B. Vaughn, The Customer Is Always Right . . . Not!: Employer Liability for Third Party Sexual Harassment, 9 Mich. J. Gender & L. 1-90 (2002).

Lea B. Vaughn, Victimized Twice -- The Intersection of Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Legal Reform Through Curriculum Development, 47 Loy. L. Rev. 231-53 (2001).

Lea B. Vaughn, Integrating Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) into the Curriculum at the University of Washington School of Law: A Report and Reflections, 50 Fla. L. Rev. 679-707 (1998).

Mary Whisner & Lea Vaughn, Teaching Legal Research and Writing in Upper-Division Courses: A Retrospective from Two Perspectives, 4 Persp.: Teaching Legal Res. & Writing 72-77 (1996), reprinted in Best of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research & Writing 17-22 (2001).

Lea B. Vaughn, Article XX of the AFL-CIO Constitution: Managing and Resolving Inter-Union Disputes, 37 Wayne L. Rev. 1-87 (1990).

Lea B. Vaughn, A Need for Clarity: Toward a New Standard for Preliminary Injunctions, 68 Or. L. Rev. 839-84 (1990).

Book Chapters

Lea B. Vaughn, Washington, in 2 Civil Rights in the United States 781-83 (Waldo E. Martin, Jr. & Patricia Sullivan eds., Macmillan Reference USA 2000).

Professional Publications

Lea B. Vaughn, Employer Liability for Customer and Client Harassment: Unremedied No Longer, Trial News (Wash. St. Trial Lawyers Ass'n), June 2000, at 17.

Book Reviews

Lea B. Vaughn, The Past as Prologue, J. Legal Educ. (forthcoming) (reviewing Susanna L. Blumenthal, Law and the Modern Mind: Consciousness and Responsibility in American Legal Culture (2016)).

Lea B. Vaughn, Thick Skin -- Serving Uncle Samuel and the Clinton White House, 49 Wayne L. Rev.773-90 (2003) (reviewing William B. Gould, Labored Relations: Law, Politics and the NLRB (2000)).

Lea B. Vaughn, The Rooster's Egg: On the Persistence of Prejudice, 18 Women & Pol., no. 4, 1998, at 102-03 (book review).

Works in Progress

In Denial: "Brain Rules" and The Abusive Workplace

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