Michael Townsend

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Associate Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the PhD Program
Associate Professor of Law

(206) 543-4907

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B.A. 1973, Ph.D. 1982,
University of Michigan
J.D. 1989, Yale University

Selected Publications

  • Mike Townsend, Teaching Contradiction: A Case Study, 33 Okla. City U.L. Rev. 97-114 (2008).

  • Mike Townsend & Thomas Richardson, Probability and Statistics in the Legal Curriculum: A Case Study in Disciplinary Aspects of Interdisciplinarity, 40 Duq. L. Rev. 447-88 (2002).

  • Mike Townsend, Cardozo's Allegheny College Opinion: A Case Study in Law as an Art, 33 Hous. L. Rev. 1103-53 (1996).

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