James H. Hardisty

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Emeritus Professor of Law

(206) 543-2261

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

James H. Hardisty, The Effect of Future Orientation on the American Reformation of English Judicial Method, 30 Hastings L.J. 523-44 (1979).

James Hardisty, Reflections on Stare Decisis, 55 Ind. L.J. 41-69 (1979).

James H. Hardisty, Mental Illness: A Legal Fiction, 48 Wash. L. Rev. 735-62 (1973).

James H. Hardisty, Insanity as a Divorce Defense, 12 J. Fam. L. 1-61 (1972-1973).

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