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Director, Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic
Senior Law Lecturer

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Professor Covington joined the UW law school faculty in 2003 as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Technology Law and Public Policy Clinic. Prior to his selection as clinic director, Professor Covington was a principal at the North Star Group consulting firm where he worked with municipalities on land use legislation, infrastructure development, and taxation policies applicable to high tech businesses. Ten years of service with McCaw Cellular Communications (now Cingular) and previous work as regulatory counsel for Group W Cable (now Comcast) provided him with a wealth of in-depth experience in the field of telecommunications law and policy.

While at AT&T Wireless, Professor Covington led that company's efforts in areas ranging from developing and complying with E-911 requirements to establishing state taxation policies. He has articulated policy positions on behalf of the cable television and cellular telephony industries to state public service commissions and the Federal Communications Commission on broadband policy, land use matters and incentive subsidies.

During the past four years, Professor Covington has served as an instructor at the community college level, developed legal courses for college students, and taught seminars for foreign M.B.A. candidates interested in U.S. policies on the creation of high tech industries and the delivery of services.


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