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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Commentaries on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (Thomas Andrews & Karen Boxx co-reporters, 5th ed., Am. Coll. of Trust and Estate Counsel, 2016). 222 pages.

Tom Andrews, Karen Boxx & Ann Murphy, Washington Community Property Deskbook (4th ed. Washington State Bar Association 2014). 1 vol.

Siegel's Wills and Trusts: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers (Karen E. Boxx rev., 5th ed., Aspen Publishers 2013). 263 pages.

Roger W. Andersen & Karen E. Boxx, Skills & Values: Trusts and Estates (LexisNexis Matthew Bender 2009). 142 pages.

Brian N. Siegel, Lazar Emanuel & Marsh C. Brilliant, Siegel's Wills and Trusts: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers (Karen E. Boxx rev., Aspen Publishers 2009). 263 pages.

WSBA Community Property Deskbook (Karen Boxx et al. eds., 3d ed. 2004).

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Karen E. Boxx, Shakespeare in the Classroom: How an Annual Student Production of King Lear Adds Dimension to Teaching Trusts and Estates, 58 St. Louis U. L. J. 751-65 (2014).

Karen E. Boxx & Katie S. Groblewski, Washington Trust Law's Extreme Makeover: Blending with the Uniform Trust Code and Taking Reform Further with Innovations in Notice, Situs, and Representation, 88 Wash. L. Rev. 813-902 (2013).

Karen E. Boxx & Terry W. Hammond, A Call for Standards: An Overview of the Current Status and Need for Guardian Standards of Conduct and Codes of Ethics, 2012 Utah L. Rev. 1207-73 (2012).

Karen E. Boxx, Too Many Tiaras: Conflicting Fiduciary Duties in the Family-Owned Business Context, 49 Hous. L. Rev. 233-90 (2012), reprinted in 54 Corp. Prac. Commentator 669-729 (2012).

Karen E. Boxx, Distinguishing Trustees and Protecting Beneficiaries: A Response to Professor Leslie, 27 Cardozo L. Rev. 2753-60 (2006).

Karen E. Boxx, Community Property Across State Lines: Square Pegs and Round Holes, Prob. & Prop., Jan.-Feb. 2005, at 8-13.

Karen E. Boxx, Of Punctilios and Paybacks: The Duty of Loyalty Under the Uniform Trust Code, 67 Mo. L. Rev. 279-307 (2002).

Karen E. Boxx, The Durable Power of Attorney's Place in the Family of Fiduciary Relationships, 36 Ga. L. Rev. 1-62 (2001).

Karen E. Boxx, Gray's Ghost -- A Conversation about the Onshore Trust, 85 Iowa L. Rev. 1195-1268 (2000).

Book Chapters

Karen Boxx, Planning for Disability, Health Care, and Other End-of-Life Concerns, in Washington Estate Planning Deskbook 6-1 to -58 (Thomas R. Andrews et al. eds., Washington State Bar Association 2005).

Samuel A. Donaldson & Karen Boxx, Basic Federal and State Tax Relevant to Estate Planning, in Washington Estate Planning Deskbook 5-1 to -55 (Thomas R. Andrews et al. eds., Washington State Bar Association 2005).

Professional Publications

Karen E. Boxx, The Use of Joint Revocable Trusts for Unmarried Couples, Prac. Law., June 2015, at 53.

Karen E. Boxx, Washington Recent Law Developments, in 41st Annual Estate Planning Seminar (Estate Planning Council of Portland, Inc., 2012). 22 pages.

Karen E. Boxx, Revisions to the Durable Power of Attorney Statute, Recent and Proposed, Real Prop. Prob. & Trust (Wash. State Bar Ass'n), Winter/Spring 2002, at 6-8.

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