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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Craig H. Allen, International Law for Seagoing Officers (6th ed. U.S. Naval Institute Press, 2014). 481 pages.

Craig H. Allen, Maritime Counterproliferation Operations and the Rule of Law ( Praeger Security International 2007). 253 pages.

Craig H. Allen, Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road (8th ed. U.S. Naval Institute Press 2005). 608 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Craig H. Allen with Bridgette J. Cooper & Adam Murray, Arctic Law & Policy Year in Review: 2015, 6 Wash. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y. 71-205 (2016).

Craig H. Allen, "Lead in the Far North" by Acceding to the Law of the Sea Convention, 5 Wash. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 1-14 (2015).

Craig H. Allen, Future Ports Scenarios for 21st Century Port Strategic Planning, 79 J. Transp. L. Logist. & Pol'y 89-137 (2012).

Craig H. Allen, Admiralty's In Extremis Doctrine: What Can Be Learned from the Restatement (Third) of Torts Approach?, 43 J. Mar. L. & Com. 155-193 (2012).

Craig H. Allen, Proving Corporate Criminal Liability for Negligence in Vessel Management and Operations: An Allision-Oil Spill Case Study, 10 Loy. Mar. L.J. 269-318 (2012).

Craig H. Allen, Getting the "Story" out: Teaching Admiralty at the University of Washington, 55 St. Louis U. L.J. 621-32 (2011).

Craig H. Allen, Proving Natural Resource Damage Under OPA 90: Out with the Rebuttable Presumption, in with APA-Style Judicial Review?, 85 Tulane L. Rev. 1039-74 (2011).

Craig H. Allen, Taking Narrow Channel Collision Prevention Seriously to More Effectively Manage Marine Transportation System Risk, 41 J. Mar. L. & Com. 1-56 (2010).

Craig H. Allen, Hiding Behind "Tradition"? Should U.S. Vessel Traffic Centers Exercise Greater Direction and Control over Vessels in Their Areas?, 34 Tul. Mar. L. J. 91-152 (2009).

Craig H. Allen, Revisiting the Thames Formula: The Evolving Role of the International Maritime Organization and Its Member States in Implementing the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, 10 San Diego Int'l L. J. 265-333 (2009).

Craig H. Allen, The Influence of Law on Sea Power Doctrines: The New Maritime Strategy and the Future of the Global Legal Order, 84 Int'l L. Stud. 3-31 (2008).

Craig H. Allen, Moderator's Report: Legal Experts' Workshop on the Future Global Legal Order, Nav. War Coll. Rev., Autumn 2007, at 73-79.

Craig H. Allen, The Role of Competent International Organizations in Developing International Supply Chain Security Regime, 1 J. Mgmt. Sci., no. 2, 2007, at 25-58.

Craig H. Allen, Command of the Commons Boasts: An Invitation to Lawfare?, 83 Int'l L. Stud. 21-50 (2007).

Craig H. Allen, A Primer on the Nonproliferation Regime for Maritime Security Operations Forces, 54 Naval L. Rev. 51-77 (2007).

Craig H. Allen, The Limits of Intelligence in Maritime Counterproliferation Operations, Nav. War Coll. Rev., Winter 2007, at 35-52.

Craig H. Allen, Australia's Tampa Incident: The Convergence of International and Domestic Refugee and Maritime Law in the Pacific Rim: Introduction to the Maritime Law Forum, 12 Pac. Rim L. & Pol'y J. 97-108 (2003).

Craig H. Allen, Introduction, The Osceola After 100 Years: Its Meaning and Effect on Maritime Personal Injury Law in the United States, 34 Rutgers L.J. 605-35 (2003).

Craig H. Allen, Protecting the Oceanic Gardens of Eden: International Law Issues in Deep-Sea Vent Resource Conservation and Management, 13 Geo. Int'l Envtl. L. Rev. 563-660 (2000-01).

Craig H. Allen, Limitation of Liability, 31 J. Mar. L. & Com. 263-80 (2000).

Craig H. Allen, Federalism in the Era of International Standards: Federal and State Government Regulation of Merchant Vessels in the United States (pt. 4), 31 J. Mar. L. & Com. 15-64 (2000)

Craig H. Allen, Federalism in the Era of International Standards: Federal and State Government Regulation of Merchant Vessels in the United States (pt. 3), 30 J. Mar. L. & Com. 85-142 (1999).

Craig H. Allen, Federalism in the Era of International Standards: Federal and State Government Regulation of Merchant Vessels in the United States (pt. 2), 29 J. Mar. L. & Com. 565-613 (1998).

Craig H. Allen, Federalism in the Era of International Standards: Federal and State Government Regulation of Merchant Vessels in the United States (pt. 1), 29 J. Mar. L. & Com. 335-90 (1998).

Craig H. Allen, The Administrative Claim Prerequisite to Suit Against the United States under the Admiralty Jurisdiction Extension Act, 24 J. Mar. L. & Com. 719-41 (1993).

Craig H. Allen, The ISM Code and Shipowner Records: Shared Safety Goals vs. Industry's Privacy Needs, 11 U.S.F. Mar. L. J. 1-46 (1991).

Craig H. Allen, Attorney Ethics and Agency Practice: Representing Clients in Coast Guard Marine Casualty Investigations, 22 J. Mar. L. & Com. 225-62 (1991), reprinted in An Admiralty Law Anthology 154-59 (Robert M. Jarvis ed., Anderson Publishing Co. 1995).

Craig H. Allen, Doctrine of Hot Pursuit: A Functional Interpretation Adaptable to Emerging Maritime Law Enforcement Technologies and Practices, 20 Ocean Dev. & Int'l L. 309-41 (1989).

Craig Howard Allen, Comment, Preventing Merchant Vessel Groundings by Enforcing a Professional Mariner Standard of Care, 63 Wash. L. Rev. 371-94 (1988).

Book Chapters

Craig H. Allen, Cargoes of Doom: National Strategies of the U.S. to Combat the Illicit Transport of Weapons of Mass by Sea, in The Oceans in the Nuclear Age: Legacies and Risks 295-335 (David D. Caron & Harry N. Scheiber eds., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2010).

Craig H. Allen, Armed Groups and the Law, in Armed Groups: Studies in National Security, Counterterrorism, and Counterinsurgency 27-52 (Jeffrey Norwitz ed., U.S. Naval War College 2008).

Craig H. Allen, The International Supply Chain Security Regime and the Role of Competent International Organizations, in Legal Challenges in Maritime Security 165-254 (Myron Nordquist et al. eds., Univ. of Virginia Center for Oceans Law and Policy 2008).

Craig H. Allen, PATRIOT Act, in 2 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties 1148-50 (Paul Finkelman ed., Routledge 2006).

Craig H. Allen, Legal Interoperability Issues in International Cooperation Measures to Secure the Maritime Commons, in Economics and Maritime Strategy: Implications for the 21st Century 113-25 (Richmond M. Lloyd ed., Naval War College 2006).

Craig H. Allen, Limits on the Use of Force in Maritime Operations in Support of WMD Counter-Proliferation Initiatives, in International Law Challenges: Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism 77-139 (Thomas McK. Sparks & Glenn M. Sulmasy eds., Naval War College 2006) (International Law Studies Vol. 81), reprinted in 2005 Israel Y.B. Hum. Rts. 1-66.

Professional Publications

Craig H. Allen Sr., Addressing the US Icebreaker Shortage, Pac. Mar., Dec. 2017, at 30-33.

Craig H. Allen Sr., Closing the US Strategic Gap in Icebreaker Capacity (Part I), Pac. Mar., Nov. 2017, at 36-39.

Craig H. Allen, IMO Adopts Polar Code Amendments to STCW, Mar. Executive (Dec. 6, 2016, 3:24 PM)

Craig H. Allen, Polar Code Rings in the New Year for Arctic Shipping, Pac. Mar., Dec. 1, 2016, at 30-33.

Craig H. Allen, A Busy March for Arctic Affairs Watchers, Pac. Mar., Apr. 2016, at 32-34.

Craig H. Allen, An Obama-Trudeau Agreement Conceding Canada's Claim to the Waters of the Northwest Passage?, Opinio Juris (Mar. 16, 2016, 3:00 PM).

Craig H. Allen Sr., The Coast Guard Advances Its Arctic Readiness in 2015, But Challenges Remain, Pac. Mar., Feb. 2016, at 34-38.

Craig H. Allen, Investigations and Litigation Follow SS El Faro Tragedy, Pac. Mar., Dec. 2015, at 24-27.

Craig H. Allen Sr., US Establishes Fund for Abandoned Seafarers, Seaways: J. Nautical Inst., Feb. 2015, at 14.

Craig H. Allen Sr., 113th Congress Addresses Arctic Maritime Transportation Needs, Pac. Mar., Feb. 2015, at 36-37.

Craig H. Allen Sr., Coast Guard Brings U.S. Inland Rules into Line with ColRegs, Prof. Mariner, Oct.-Nov. 2014, at 20-23.

Craig H. Allen Sr., U.S. to Defend Maritime Borders Against Potential Pandemic, Mar. Executive (Aug. 8, 2014)

Craig H. Allen Sr., Manning the Helm, Proc. U.S. Naval Inst., Aug. 2014, at 20-25.

Craig H. Allen, Sr., House Subcommittee Hearing Highlights "Dismal State" of U.S. Icebreaking Capability, MarineLink (July 24, 2014, 3:39 PM).

Craig H. Allen, Sr., Why a Coast Guard?, Mar. Executive (July 21, 2014).

Craig H. Allen, International Court Orders Japan to Cease Whaling, Mar. Executive (Mar. 31, 2014).

Craig H. Allen, Sr., The Coast Guard's Proposed Maritime Preemption Assessment Framework, Marine News, Feb. 2014, at .

Craig H. Allen, Be Skeptical of Rigid 'In Extremis' Dogma Beyond COLREGS, Prof. Mariner, Oct.-Nov. 2012, at 42-46.

Craig H. Allen, U.S. Supreme Court Rejects PMSA's Challenge to California's Vessel Fuel Rule, Pac. Mar. Mag., Aug. 2012, at 26-28.

Craig H. Allen, The Seabots Are Coming Here: Should They Be Treated as 'Vessels'?, 65 J. Navigation 749-52 (2012).

Craig H. Allen, Tragedy Provides "Sobering Warning" for Arctic Cruise Travel, Bull. (U.S. Coast Guard Academy), Feb. 2012, at 52-54.

Craig H. Allen, New Developments in Supply Chain Security Strategy, Pac. Mar. Mag., March 2012, at 20-23.

Craig H. Allen, Sr., How Narrow Is "Narrow"? NAVSAC Recommends the Coast Guard Develop Navigation Criteria, Proc. Marine Safety & Sec. Council, Spring 2010, at 16-18.

Craig H. Allen, U.S. to Clarify Its Rules of the Road: U.S. to Designate Rule 9 "Narrow Channels," Seaways: Int'l J. Nautical Inst., Nov. 2010, at 24-25.

Craig H. Allen, Inland Rules of the Road Migrate to a New Code, Prof. Mariner, Oct./Nov. 2010, at 53-54.

Craig H. Allen, Federal Court Strikes Down Massachusetts Tanker Laws, Pac. Mar. Mag., May 2010, at 20.

Craig H. Allen, Whatever Became of the Change to COLREGS Rule 8?, Prof. Mariner, Aug. 2007, at 14-15.

Craig H. Allen, Admiralty Law in Washington: Not Just for the Specialist, Wash. St. B. News, Feb. 2005, at 18-24.

Craig H. Allen, Safer Ships and Cleaner Seas: Protecting the Marine Environment under the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, 8 Int'l Ship Registry Rev. 7-8 (1995).

Craig H. Allen, Supreme Court Sends Shippers' Cargo Claims Overseas, 73 Marine Digest & Transp. News 16-17 (1995).

Craig H. Allen, The U.N. Law of the Sea Convention in Force, But in the U.S. the Debate Is Only Beginning, Wash. St. B. News, July 1995, at 27-31.

Craig Allen, US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules That Punitive Damages Are Not Available in Claim for Failure to Pay Seaman's Maintenance and Cure, 138 Gard News 6 (1995).

Craig H. Allen, U.S. Coast Guard Implements Notice of Violation Program, Swedish Club News 3 (1995).

Craig Allen, The Pacific Northwest Boundary Straits: High Seas or Internal Waters?, Pac. Mar. Mag., Feb. 1995, at 20-25.

Craig H. Allen, Coast Guard Skipper Recounts Drama of Near-Broach on Northwest Bar, Prof. Mariner, Feb./March 1995, at 68-73.

Craig H. Allen, Fixing Responsibility for Pilot Navigation, 7 Prof. Mariner 15 (1994).

Craig H. Allen, Search & Rescue in Foreign Territorial Seas, 3/93 On Scene 27 (1994).

Craig H. Allen, Letter to the Editor, The Captain's Duty on a Sinking Ship, 4 Prof. Mariner 21 (1994).

Craig H. Allen, Code of Conduct for MLE Personnel -- A Proposal, U.S. Coast Guard Acad. Bull., Oct. 1992, at 17-18.

Craig Allen, Constitutional Torts Go To Sea: Tort Liability of Maritime Law Enforcement Officers, U.S. Coast Guard Acad. Bull., Feb./March 1989, at 17-20.

Book Reviews

Craig H. Allen, Book Review, 31 Ocean Y.B. 561-63 (2017) (reviewing Donald R. Rothwell & Tim Stephens, The International Law of the Sea (2d ed. 2016)).

Craig H. Allen, Book Review, Naval War Coll. Rev., Summer 2007, at 141-42 (reviewing Michael J. Matheson, Council Unbound: The Growth of UN Decision Making on Conflict and Postconflict Issues after the Cold War (2006)).

Craig H. Allen, Book Review, 9 J. Int'l Maritime L. 403 (2003) (reviewing David Thomas, The Fatal Flaw: Collision at Sea and the Failure of the Rules (2002)).

Craig H. Allen, Book Review, 72 Pac. Hist. Rev. 701-02 (2002) (reviewing Harry N. Scheiber, Inter-Allied Conflicts and Ocean Law 1945-53: The Occupation Command's Revival of Japanese Whaling and Marine Fisheries (2001)).


Craig H. Allen, Law of the Sea Tribunal Adopts 'Due Diligence" Standard for Flag State Responsibility for IUU Fishing, Opinio Juris (Apr. 4, 2015, 1:53 AM).

Craig H. Allen Sr., Op-Ed., U.S. to Defend Maritime Borders Against Potential Pandemic, Mar. Executive (Aug. 8, 2014, 11:10 PM).

Craig H. Allen, Law of the Sea Tribunal Implies a Principle of Reasonableness in UNCLOS Article, Opinio Juris (Apr. 17, 2014, 5:55 PM).

Craig H. Allen, Opinion, Team Obama Should Take the Reagan Approach to Rising Tensions in Western Pacific, Fox News (Dec. 27, 2013).

Craig H. Allen, ITLOS Orders Russia to Release ARCTIC SUNRISE and Its Greenpeace Protestors, Opinio Juris (Nov. 25, 2013).

Craig H. Allen, Law of the Sea Tribunal Resoundingly Affirms the Sovereign Immunity of Warships and Orders Ghana to Release Argentine Tall Ship ARA Libertad, Opinio Juris (Dec. 15, 2012).

Craig H. Allen, Will Compulsory Dispute Settlement Sink the LOS Convention in the Senate?, Opinio Juris (June 17, 2012).

Craig H. Allen, The International Law of the Sea: A Treaty for Thee; Customary Law for Me?, Opinio Juris (June 14, 2012).

Craig H. Allen, Sr., Opinion, Preparing for Confrontations with Environmental Protestors in Arctic Waters, Mar. Executive (Feb. 27, 2012).

Craig H. Allen, Sr., Opinion, Envision a Cruise Ship Capsizing in Arctic Seas, The Day (New London, CT) (Jan. 22, 2012, 12:00 AM).

Craig H. Allen, Sr., The Ship Masters Special Relationship to Passengers: Lessons from the 1841 William Brown Episode, MAR. EXECUTIVE (Jan. 19, 2012).

Craig Allen, The Costa Concordia Disaster and Lessons from Two "Williams," Fox News (Jan. 19, 2012).

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