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Moderator and speaker, Arctic Infrastructure Development and Maritime Support, The Promise of the Arctic Conference, Nov. 2, 2016 (Seattle, WA)

The Arctic Council: Two Decades of Cooperation Founded on Common Interests, U.S. Pacific Command, 29th Annual Military Operations and the Law Conference, May 18, 2016 (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis and the International Law Duty of Maritime Rescue, Comité Maritime International, 42d International Conference of the Comité Maritime International, May 5, 2016 (New York, NY)

Moderator and speaker, The Evolution of Navigation Tools, Pacific Maritime eNavigation Conference, Dec. 2, 2015 (Seattle, WA)

A Legacy of Stewards for the Public Order of the Oceans: A Tribute to William T. Burke (1926-2014), University of California - Berkeley School of Law and the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Law of the Sea Institute 50th Anniversary Conference, Oct. 9, 2015 (Berkeley, CA)

International Law and the Duty of Rescue, International Maritime Organization, Special Session on the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis, Sep. 21, 2015 (London, England)

Speaker and moderator, Marine Transportation and the Polar Code, 6th Symposium on Impact of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations, Jul. 14, 2015 (Washington, DC)

Panel Chair, Current Legislative and Regulatory Climate for Arctic Operations, Promise of the Arctic Conference, Jun. 16, 2015 (Seattle, WA)

The Preservation of Living Marine Resources and the Environment, U.S. Pacific Command, 28th Annual International Military and Operational Law Conference, May 18, 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand)

Moderator, Semper Paratus: Military Presence in the High North, Arctic Encounter Symposium, Jan. 31, 2015 (Seattle, WA)

Moderator, Leadership and the Arctic: Why It Matters, Energy Council, 2012 Global Energy and Environmental Issues Conference, Dec. 6, 2012 (New Orleans, LA)

Counter-Proliferation Operations and the Rule of Law, U.S. Naval War College/Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law, Workshop on International Maritime Security Cooperation, Aug. 14, 2012 (Pearl Harbor, HI)

Moderator, Leadership for Arctic Maritime Safety, U.S. Coast Guard Academy and University of California Berkeley School of Law, Law of the Sea Institute, Leadership for the Arctic Conference, Apr. 12, 2012 (New London, CT)

Moderator, Legal Issues in Deployment/Employment of UMVs, Naval War College, Unmanned Maritime System Legal Workshop, Mar. 20, 2012 (Newport, RI)

Legal Issues Posed by Unmanned Marine and Aerial Systems, Yale Law School, National Security Group, Mar. 5, 2012 (New Haven, CT)

Challenges and Opportunities of Military and Civilian Law Practice, Coast Guard Academy’s Cadet Law Society, Feb. 3, 2012 (New London, CT)

The Role of the Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy in Developing Leaders of Character, New London Officers’ Association, Jan. 11, 2012 (New London, CT)

Moderator, Panel on Applying Solutions: eNavigation Ashore, Pacific Maritime e-Navigation Conference, Nov. 17, 2010

The Roots of Operational Risk Management, U.S. Coast Guard Sector, Apr. 23, 2010 (San Diego, CA)

WMD Proliferation and the Law: A Progress Report, U.S. Pacific Command International Military Operations and Law Conference, Mar. 30, 2010 (Kona, HI)

Current Issues in International Maritime Law, University of Washington Foster School of Business, Global Management Training Program, Oct. 7, 2008 (Seattle, WA)

Moderator, Rule of the Road Working Group, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Navigation Safety Advisory Committee meeting, May 14, 2008

International Peace and Security and Current UN Reform Proposals, University of Washington School of Law, International Law Society, May 9, 2008 (Seattle, WA)

Towards a New Governance of High Seas Biodiversity, International Oceanographic Museum, International Experts' Symposium, Mar. 2008 (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Keynote, The Role of Law in the New Maritime Strategy, Naval War College, International Law and Military Operations Conference, Jun. 2007 (Newport, RI)

Supply Chain Security 1.0: New Developments in the International Regime, Max Planck Institute, Legal Challenges in Maritime Security: Cargo, Port and Supply Chain Security, May 2007 (Heidelberg, Germany)

The Proliferation Security Initiative and the Sovereignty and Security of Nations, U.S. Pacific Command, International Military Operations and Law Conference, Apr. 2007 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

A Stronger and More Prosperous World Through Secure and Accessible Seas, National Command and Staff College Alumni Symposium, Mar. 7, 2007 (Via del Mar, Chile)

Is the International Maritime Organization’s Rise Hastening the Demise of Flag State Primacy?, Roger Williams University Law School, Feb. 9, 2007 (Bristol, RI)

Panelist, International Cooperation in Securing the Maritime Commons, U.S. Naval War College, Ruger Conference on Economics and Maritime Strategy, Nov. 8, 2006

Chair, U.S. Naval War College, Legal Experts' Workshop on Future of the Global Legal Order, Oct. 2006

Global Maritime Security Cooperation, Chilean Naval War College, Sep. 16, 2006

International Cooperation in Securing the Maritime Commons, Tuger Conference on Economics and Maritime Strategy, Sep. 16, 2006

The International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Sep. 16, 2006

Panelist, Command of the Commons: The U.S. Perspective, U.S. Naval War College, Jun. 28, 2006 (Newport, RI)

Panelist, Experts’ Roundtable on Law of the Sea, University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, Law of the Sea Institute, Feb. 11, 2006 (Berkeley, CA)

International Organizations: The U.N. and the International Maritime Organization, International Maritime Law Institute, Sep. 2005 (Valetta, Malta)

University of Virginia, National Security Law Institute, Jun. 6, 2005

Constitutional Law, University of Washington School of Law, Staff Colloquium Series, May 12, 2005 (Seattle, WA)

Recent Measures to Extend Criminal Jurisdiction over Acts of Piracy and Maritime Terrorism, Nautical Institute, Seminar on Piracy and Terrorism, Apr. 30, 2005 (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Potential Forensic Applications of Vessel Long-Range Identification and Tracking Information, International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities and Canadian Coast Guard, Nov. 2004 (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Panelist, U.S. Naval War College, International Law Challenges: Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism, Jun. 2004 (Newport, RI)

Marine Bioprospecting, Maritime Awards Society of Canada, Meeting of Experts: Revisiting the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, Mar. 2003 (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Moderator, International Maritime Law Panel, University of Washington School of Law, Symposium on Australia's M/V Tampa Incident: The Convergence of International and Domestic Refugee and Maritime Law in the Pacific Rim, Apr. 22, 2002 (Seattle, WA)

Ocean Governance International and U.S. Responses to the Maritime Terrorism Threat, University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, Symposium on the Law of the Sea and Ocean Policy, Apr. 2002 (Berkeley, CA)

Panelist, Coastal State Jurisdiction over Collisions in Adjacent Waters: The T/V Virgo – F/V Starbound Collision, Marine Institute for Training and Graduate Studies, Marine Casualty Exposition and Conference, Feb. 2002 (Linthicum Heights, MD)

Moderator, U.S. Coast Guard Model Ports Workshop, Roger Williams University School of Law, Prospective Futures for the Model Port of the 21st Century, Feb. 2002 (Newport, RI)

Integrating Marine Transportation System Goals into the New National Ocean Policy, U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, Governance Working Group, Nov. 16, 2001 (Seattle, WA)

Moderator, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Experts' Workshop on Marine Protected Areas on the High Seas: Scientific and Legal Aspects, Feb. 2001 (Vilm, Germany)

Panelist, International Workshop on Management and Conservation of Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems, Institute of Ocean Science, Sep. 2000 (Sydney, BC, Canada)

Panelist, United Nations, UNCITRAL/CMI Marine Transport Law Colloquium, Jul. 6, 2000 (New York, NY)

Panelist, U.S. Department of Transportation, Marine Transportation System Regional Dialogue Session, Jun. 12, 2000 (Seattle, WA)

Faculty Salutation to Law School Graduating Class, University of Washington School of Law, Jun. 1999 (Seattle, WA)

Constitutional Tort Issues in Maritime Law Enforcement Operations, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Nov. 1998 (New London, CT)

The ISM Code and Shipowner Records: Shared Safety Goals vs. Industry’s Privacy Needs, Pacific Admiralty Conference, Oct. 1998 (San Francisco, CA)

Moderator, Navigating the Rules of Evidence, Washington State Bar Association, Jul. 1998 (Seattle, WA)

ISM Codes for Ports and Pilotage Authorities, University of British Columbia, Safe Marine Transportation Forum, Jun. 1998 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Moderator, Legal Issues Applicable to Control of Non-indigenous Species in Ship’s Ballast Water, University of Oregon, Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Mar. 1998 (Eugene, OR)

The Sustainable Fisheries Act Amendments, University of Oregon, Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Mar. 1997 (Eugene, OR)

Preparing for Mediation, University of Washington School of Law, Federal Civil Practice Update CLE, Dec. 1995 (Seattle, WA)

Avoiding Ambush: Responding to Marine Casualty Investigations, Savannah '95 Oil Spill Conference, Nov. 1995 (Hilton Head, SC)

The Role of the International Maritime Organization in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, University of Washington School of Marine Affairs, Oct. 1995 (Seattle, WA)

Safer Ships & Cleaner Seas: Protecting the Marine Environment under the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, University of Washington School of Law, Law of the Sea: What the New Convention May Mean to You & Those You Work for, Jul. 11, 1995 (Seattle, WA)

The Multi-tiered Regime for Regulation of International Shipping, University of Washington Graduate School, First Annual Global Trade, Transportation & Logistics Seminar, May 1995

Shipping Regulation in International Straits, Regional Convention of the American Waterways Operators, Seattle, WA, March 1995

The Impact of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 on Canadian Shipping, Maritime Law Association of Canada, Mar. 1995 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

New Developments in Salvage Law, U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Industry Conference, Jan. 1995 (Seattle, WA)

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