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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Robert H. Aronson & Maureen A. Howard, The Law of Evidence in Washington (5th ed. Matthew Bender Feb. 2017 supp.).

Washington Pattern Jury Instructions (Criminal) (rev. 3d ed. Thomson Reuters/West, 2015) (Maureen Howard, contributing author and editor).

Maureen A. Howard & James H. Seckinger, State v. O'Neill (6th ed. National Institute for Trial Advocacy 2012). 84 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Maureen A. Howard & Jeffery C. Barnum, Bringing Demonstrative Evidence in from the Cold: The Academy's Role in Developing Model Rules, 88 Temple L. Rev. 513-49 (2016).

Maureen A. Howard, Revisiting Trial Basics Every Time: A Ritual for Courtroom Success, 34 Am.  J. Trial Advoc. 335-75 (2011).

Maureen A. Howard, Taking the High Road: Why Prosecutors Should Voluntarily Waive Peremptory Challenges, 23 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 369-420 (2010).

Maureen A. Howard, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Courtroom Attire for Women, 45 Gonz. L. Rev. 209-24 (2009-10).

Professional Publications

Maureen A. Howard, There Is No Summer in the Courtroom, De Novo, Aug. 2012, at 16.

Maureen A. Howard, Want to Be a Better Trial Lawyer? Teach Trial Skills!, De Novo, Apr. 2012, at 24.

Maureen A. Howard, Help: I Need an Expert!, De Novo, Feb. 2012, at 19-20.

Maureen A. Howard, The Asymmetry of Duty in Criminal Trial Practice, De Novo, Dec. 2011, at 10-11.

Maureen A. Howard, Preparing a Client for Deposition? Listen Up!, De Novo, Oct. 2011, at 9-10.

Maureen A. Howard, Surviving (and Thriving) in the First Year of Trial Practice, De Novo, Aug. 2011, at 8-9, reprinted in Wash. St. Bar News, Sept. 2011, at 36-37.

Maureen A. Howard, Taking Better Depositions by Thinking "Outside the Box," De Novo, June 2011, at 12-13.

Maureen A. Howard, Smooth Courtroom Moves: The Exhibit Dance, De Novo, Apr. 2011, at 7-8.

Maureen A. Howard, Effective Pre-Trial Motions: Persuading the Judge, De Novo, Feb. 2011, at 7-8.

Maureen A. Howard, Playing Nice: The Dos and Don'ts of Courtroom Etiquette, De Novo, Dec. 2010, at 7-8,

Maureen A. Howard, Mastering Foolproof Witness Control on Cross-Examination, De Novo, Oct. 2010, at 9-10.

Maureen A. Howard, Closing Argument: Connecting the Dots for the Jury, De Novo, Aug. 2010, at 8-9.

Maureen A. Howard, Liar! Liar! Impeaching the Witness on Cross-Examination, De Novo, June 2010, at 9-10.

Maureen A. Howard, Direct Examination: Lawyer as Director, De Novo, Apr. 2010, at 11-12.

Maureen Howard, The Prosecutorial Ethic: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, UWlaw, Spring 2010, at 16-17.

Maureen A. Howard, Laptops in Class: A Professional Virus, The Huffington Post (Mar. 28, 2010, 7:08 PM).

Maureen A. Howard, The Best Prosecutor? Perhaps a Defense Attorney, The Huffington Post (Mar. 17, 2010, 1:20 PM).

Maureen A. Howard, Opening Statement: Persuading Without Argument, De Novo, Feb. 2010, at 8-9.

Maureen Howard, Contributing author and editor, Washington Pattern Jury Instructions (civil) Vol. 6 & 6A (Rev. 3d. ed., Thompson Reuters/West 2009)

Maureen A. Howard, 10 Tips for Getting Jurors to Talk, De Novo, Dec. 2009, at 7-8.

Maureen Howard, Contributing editor, Washington Pattern Jury Instructions (criminal) Vol. 11 & 11A (Rev. 3rd ed., Thompson Reuters/West 2008)

Maureen Howard, "Voir Dire: Winning Hearts and Minds", National Institute of Trial Advocacy (2005).

Works in Progress

How the Washington Courts Misinterpreted the Felony Harassment Statute in the Wake of the Columbine Shootings and Nobody Noticed

Maureen Howard, Short-Term Lending of Deferred Associates to Public Service: Is a Win-Win Idea at Risk of Becoming a Lose-Lose-Lose Endeavor?


Maureen Howard, A Proposed System of Regulation in Psychotherapeutic Treatment, U. Wash. Sch. Law (1986).

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