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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Jane Winn & Benjamin Wright, The Law of Electronic Commerce (4th ed., 2001 & Supp. 2018-1, Aspen).

Jane Winn & Benjamin Wright, The Law of Electronic Commerce (4th ed., Supp. 2018-1, Aspen).

Jane Winn & Benjamin Wright, The Law of Electronic Commerce (4th ed. Aspen 2001 & semi-annual supps.).

Ronald J. Mann & Jane K. Winn, Electronic Commerce (2d ed. Aspen 2005). 790 pages, plus supplement.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Jane K. Winn, The Secession of the Successful: The Rise of Amazon as Private Global Consumer Protection Regulator, 58 Ariz. L. Rev. 193-212 (2016).

Jane K. Winn, Can Law Students Disrupt the Market for High-Priced Textbooks?, 11 Wash. J. L. Tech. & Arts 1-11 (2015).

Jane K. Winn & Angela Zhang, China's Golden Tax Project: A Technological Strategy for Reducing VAT Fraud, 4 Peking U. J. Legal Stud. 1-33 (2013)

Jane K. Winn, Governance of Global Mobile Money Networks: The Role of Technical Standards in Mobile Money in Developing Countries, 8 Wash. J.L. Tech. & Arts 197-244 (2013).

Jane K. Winn & Louis de Koker, Introduction to Mobile Money in Developing Countries: Financial Inclusion and Financial Integrity Conference Special Issue, 8 Wash. J.L. Tech. & Arts 155-63 (2013).

Jane K. Winn, The Cape Town Convention's International Registry: Decoding the Secrets of Success in Global Electronic Commerce, 1 Cape Town Convention J. 25-51 (2012).  

Jane K. Winn, Electronic Chattel Paper: Invitation Accepted, 46 Gonzaga L. Rev. 407-33 (2011).

Jane K. Winn, Globalization and Standards: The Logic of Two-Level Games, 5 I/S: J. L. & Pol'y for the Info. Soc'y 185-218 (2009).

Jane K. Winn, Are "Better" Security Breach Notification Laws Possible?, 24 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1133-65 (2009).

Jane K. Winn & Nicolas Jondet, A New Deal for End Users? Lessons from a French Innovation in the Regulation of Interoperability, 51 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 547-76 (2009).

Jane K. Winn, Hard Law and Soft Law in International Commercial Law Reform, 3 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 173-86 (2009).

Jane Winn & Nicolas Jondet, A "New Approach" to Standards and Consumer Protection, 31 J. Consumer Pol'y 459-72 (2008).

Jane K. Winn, Diverging National Regulatory Strategies in Global ICT Standards Competition, 2 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 1-11 (2008).

Jane K Winn, Can Information Security Be Regulated?, 2 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 185-96 (2008).

Jane Winn, Insurance for Cyber-risks: Business and Legal Issues, 1 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 87-96 (2007).

Jane K. Winn & Song Yuping, Can China Promote Electronic Commerce Through Law Reform? Some Preliminary Case Study Evidence, 20 Colum. J. Asian L. 415-50 (2007).

Jane K. Winn, Recent Developments in the Emerging Law of Information Security, 38 UCC L.J. 391-402 (2006).

Jane K. Winn & Mark Webber, The Impact of EU Unfair Contract Terms Law on U.S. Business-to-Consumer Internet Merchants, 62 Bus. Law. 209-28 (2006).

Jane K. Winn & Brian H. Bix, Diverging Perspectives on Electronic Contracting in the U.S. and EU, 54 Clev. St. L. Rev. 175-90 (2006).

Jane Kaufman Winn, ¿Se impondrán los Códigos Abiertos? [Can Open Source Succeed?], 6 Foro de Derecho Mercantil: Revista Internacional 100-25 (2005).

Jane K. Winn, Contracting Spyware by Contract, 20 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1345-62 (2005), reprinted in Spyware: An Insight 159-79 (Ravi Kumar Jain Bandamutha ed., Icfai University Press 2007).

Jane K. Winn, Crafting a License to Know from a Privilege to Access, 79 Wash. L. Rev. 285-306 (2004).

Jane Winn & Jens Haubold, Electronic Promises: Contract Law Reform and E-Commerce in a Comparative Perspective, 27 Eur. L. Rev. 567 (2002).

Jane K. Winn, Emerging Issues in Electronic Contracting, Technical Standards and Law Reform, 7 Uniform L. Rev. 699-711 (2002-03).

Jane Winn, Social Networks and Electronic Commerce in China, 31:2 Global Econ. Rev. 21 (2002).

Jane Winn, The Emperor's New Clothes: The Shocking Truth About Digital Signatures and Internet Commerce, 37 Idaho L. Rev. 353-88 (2001).

Jane Kaufman Winn & James R. Wrathall, Who Owns the Customer? The Emerging Law of Commercial Transactions in Electronic Customer Data, 56 Bus. Law. 213-71 (2000).

Robert A. Wittie & Jane K. Winn, Electronic Records and Signatures under the Federal E-Sign Legislation and the UETA, 56 Bus. Law. 293-340 (2000).

Jane K. Winn, Making XML Pay: Revising Existing Electronic Payments Law to Accommodate Innovation, 53 S.M.U. L. Rev. 1477-94 (2000).

Jane K. Winn, Catalytic Impact of Information Technology on the New International Financial Architecture, 34 Int'l L. 137-47 (2000).

Jane Kaufman Winn & Michael Rhodes Pullen, Despatches from the Front: Recent Skirmishes Along the Frontiers of Electronic Contracting Law, 55 Bus. Law. 455-96 (1999).

Jane Kaufman Winn, Electronic Chattel Paper under Revised Article 9: Updating the Concept of Embodied Rights for Electronic Commerce, 74 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 1055-75 (1999).

Jane Kaufman Winn, The Hedgehog and the Fox: Distinguishing Public and Private Sector Approaches to Managing Risk for Internet Transactions, 51 Admin. L. Rev. 955-88 (1999).

Jane Kaufman Winn, Clash of the Titans: Regulating the Competition Between Established and Emerging Electronic Payment Systems, 14 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 675-709 (1999).

Jane Kaufman Winn, Couriers Without Luggage: Negotiable Instruments and Digital Signatures, 49 S.C. L. Rev. 739-86 (1998).

Jane Kaufman Winn, Regulating the Use of the Internet in Securities Markets, 54 Bus. Law. 443-58 (1998).

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Amelia H. Boss & Jane Kaufman Winn, The Emerging Law of Electronic Commerce, 52 Bus. Law. 1469-91 (1997).

Jane Kaufman Winn, Relational Practices and the Marginalization of Law: Informal Financial Practices of Small Businesses in Taiwan, 28 Law & Soc'y Rev. 193-232 (1994).

Book Chapters

Jane K. Winn, Reengineering European Payment Law, in Electronic Payments in the 21st Century (Edward A. Morse ed., forthcoming 2017).

Jane K. Winn, Mobile Payments and Financial Inclusion: Kenya, Brazil and India as Case Studies, in Research Handbook on Electronic Commerce Law (John A. Rothchild ed., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2016).

Jane K. Winn, Innovation Governance Competition: Comparing India's and China's Electronic Commerce Development Strategies, in The Routledge Handbook of Asian Law (Christoph Antons ed., forthcoming 2016).

Bruno Deffains & Jane K. Winn, The Effects of Electronic Commerce Technologies on Business Contracting Behaviors, in Governance, Regulations and Powers on the Internet 344-66 (Eric Brousseau, Meryem Marzouki & Cécile Méadel eds., Cambridge University Press 2012).

Jane Kaufman Winn & Tang-chi Yeh, Advocating Democracy: The Role of Lawyers in Taiwan's Political Transformation, in Law in Many Societies: A Reader (Lawrence M. Friedman, Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo & Manuel A. Gómez eds., Stanford Law Books 2011).

Jane K. Winn, Technical Standards as Data Protection Regulation, in Reinventing Data Protection? at 191-206 (Serge Gutwirth et al. eds., Springer 2009).

Jane Winn, What Protection Do Consumers Require in the Information Economy?, in 4 Ethics, Law and Society 303-17 (Jennifer Gunning et al. eds., Ashgate 2009).

Jane K. Winn, Can a Duty of Information Security Become Special Protection for Sensitive Data Under U.S. Law?, in Défis du Droit à la Protection de la Vie Privée: Perspectives du Droit Européen et Nord-Américain; Challenges of Privacy and Data Protection Law: Perspectives of european and North American Law 243-57 (María Verónica Pérez Asinari & Pablo Palazzi eds., Bruylant 2008).

Jane K.Winn, Could an Emerging US Computer Security Law Protect the Data of US Consumers in Lieu of an Information Privacy Right?, in Challenges of the Right to the Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data at the Dawn of the 21st Century at [pages] ([editor?] ed., Bruylant 2007); published in Spanish as _______, in Desafíos del Derecho a la Intimidad y a la Protección de Datos Personales en los Albores del Siglo XXI at [pages] (María Verónica Pérez Asinari ed., [publisher] 2007).

Jane K. Winn, Information Technology Standards as a Form of Consumer Protection Law, in Consumer Protection in the Age of the "Information Economy" 99-117 (Jane K. Winn ed., Ashgate 2006).

Jane K. Winn, Introduction: Is Consumer Protection an Anachronism in the Information Economy?, in Consumer Protection in the Age of the "Information Economy" 1-12 (Jane K. Winn ed., Ashgate 2006).

Jane K. Winn, US & EU Regulatory Competition in ICT Standardization Law & Policy, in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology 281-91 (IEEE 2005), reprinted in Int'l J. IT Standards & Standardization Res., Jan.-June, 2007 at 84-102, and in New Applications in IT Standards: Developments and Progress 35-53 (Kai Jacobs ed., IGI Global 2010).

Jane Kaufman Winn, The Role of Lawyers in Taiwan's Emerging Democracy, in Raising the Bar: The Emerging Legal Profession in East Asia 357-82 (William P. Alford ed., Harvard University Press 2007).

Jane Winn, US and EU Standards Law & Policy: A Regulatory Competition Perspective, in Proceedings of Standards and Innovation in Information Technology (2005).

Jane K. Winn, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce, and Economic Liberalization in China, in The Politics of Affective Relations: East Asia and Beyond 231-47 (Hahm Chaihark & Daniel A. Bell eds., Lexington Books 2004).

Jane Winn, Islamic Law, Globalization and Emerging Electronic Commerce Technologies, in Strengthening Relations with Arab and Islamic Countries through International Law: E-Commerce, the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Foreign Investment (Hague Peace Palace Papers 2002).

Jane Winn, The Emerging Law of Electronic Commerce, in Handbook on Electronic Commerce (Michael Shaw, Robert Blanning, Troy Strader & Andrew Winston eds., Springer 2000).

Professional Publications

Jane Winn, Politique culturelle française: Regard d'un juriste américain à l'heure de la mondialisation, Juris Art Etc., June 2014, at 27-29 (Fr.).

Jane K. Winn, Electronic Chattel Paper: Invitation Accepted, Soc. Sci. Res. Network (Sept. 25, 2010).

Jane K. Winn & Angela Zhang, China's Golden Tax Project: A Technological Strategy for Reducing VAT Fraud, Soc. Sci. Res. Network (July 16, 2010).

Book Reviews

Jane K. Winn, Precautionary Schemes, Eur. J. Risk Reg. (forthcoming) ((reviewing The Reality of Precaution:  Comparing Risk Regulation in the United States and Europe (Jonathan B. Weiner et al. eds., 2011) and David Vogel, The Politics of Precaution:  Regulating the Environmental Risks in Europe and the United States (2012)).

Jane K. Winn, Book Review, 50 Am. J. Comp. L. 445-48 (2002) (reviewing Dalhuisen on International Commercial, Financial, and Trade Law (2000)).

Works in Progress

Jane K. Winn, Innovation Governance Competition: Payment Modernization Strategies in India and China (Univ. of Wash. Sch. of Law Research Paper No. 2015-01).

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