Anita Ramasastry

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Dean Emeritus Roland L. Hjorth Professorship in Law
Director, Graduate Program in Sustainable International Development
Faculty Director, International, Comparative and Transnational Programs
Professor of Law

(206) 616-8441

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Chair and presenter, Identifying and Tackling Key Challenges to Holding Corporate Actors Criminally Accountable, Amnesty International and International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, Expert Workshop with Select Legal Experts on the Investigation and Prosecution of Corporate Crime, May 18, 2016 (New York, NY)

Treaties That Regulate Transnational Business Activity: A Critical Appraisal, American Society for International Law, Business and Human Rights Roundtable, Mar. 29, 2016 (Washington, DC)

Shared Responsibility in Supply Chains: A New Paradigm?, University of Cincinnati College of Law, 29th Annual Cypriote Law Center Symposium, Mar. 18, 2016 (Cincinnati, OH)

Panelist, State-Based Mechanisms for Access to Remedy, United Nations, Fourth Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights, Nov. 16, 2015 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Panelist, Corporate Capture and Company Ownership Transparency, United Nations, Fourth Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights, Nov. 2015 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Is There a Right to Be Free from Corruption?, University of Washington School of Law, Installation Ceremony for Anita Ramasastry as the UW Law Foundation Professor of Law, May 1, 2014 (Seattle, WA)

Invited lecturer, University of Yangon Faculty of Law, Faculty Development Seminar on Challenges of Globalization and the Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective, Nov. 25, 2013 (Myanmar)

Expert, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Roundtable on Issues of Corporate Accountability for Gross Human Rights Abuses, Nov. 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Oregon State Bar Association, Human Trafficking Symposium, Oct. 15, 2013

Invited participant, World Economic Forum, Roundtable on ICT and Human Rights, Jun. 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Moderator, University of Washington School of Law, Asian Law Center, Inclusive Development in Burma — What Are the Legal Challenges?, May 13, 2013 (Seattle, WA)

The U.S. Government's Approach to Business and Human Rights, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Working Group on Business and Human Rights and the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, Civil Society Consultation for US Country Visit, Apr. 23, 2013 (Washington, DC)

Panelist, Disclosure in Speech, Washington Law Review, 2013 Symposium: The Disclosure Crisis, Feb. 28, 2013 (Seattle, WA)

Panelist, Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights Sector Guidance, ICT Sector Roundtable, Information and Communication Technology Sector Roundtable, Jan. 31, 2013 (Brussels, Belgium)

Legal Responsibility of Businesses for Violations of International Human Rights, University of Utah College of Law, 2013 International Law Colloquium, Jan. 25, 2013 (Salt Lake City, UT)

Efforts to Unify State Law and the Uniform Law Commission Drafting Project on Prevention and Remedies for Human Trafficking, American Bar Association, Annual Meeting, Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery on a Global Scale, Aug. 3, 2012 (Chicago, IL)

Panelist, Successor States, Sovereign Concessions and Corruption, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Public Sector Corruption and Private Business Firms, Jun. 28, 2012 (Philadelphia, PA)

Transnational Corporations and the Incongruity of Their Rights and Responsibilities under International Law, University of Washington, College of Arts and Sciences, Simpson Center for the Humanities, Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibilities, May 12, 2012 (Seattle, WA)

Human Trafficking 101: Efforts to Unify State Law, University of Washington School of Law and Seattle University School of Law, Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Corporate Responsibility, May 11, 2012 (Seattle, WA)

Business and Human Rights, University of California, Irvine School of Law, Business Law as Public Interest Law Symposium, Apr. 13, 2012 (Irvine, CA)

Corporate Accountability for Overseas Activities: Lessons from Civil Litigation in the United States, National University of Ireland Galway School of Law and Irish Centre for Human Rights, Ireland and the United Nations Framework for Business and Human Rights, Mar. 24, 2012 (Galway, Ireland)

The Future of Corporate Liability for Human Rights Violations in the United States: Kiobel, the Ruggie Framework and Other Emerging Trends, Lewis & Clark Law School, Global Law Lecture, Mar. 5, 2012 (Portland, OR)

Electronic Transactions and Electronic Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce and National College of Judicial Studies (Egypt), Mar. 2012 (Cairo, Egypt)

Putting the Business and Human Rights Agenda in Context: Lessons from the Anti-Corruption Sphere, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the South African Institute of International Affairs, the University of Johannesburg, and the University of Hong Kong Law Faculty, The “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework: Charting a Future or Taking the Wrong Turn for Business and Human Rights?, Jan. 24, 2012 (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Licensing & Contracts in Post-Gaddafi Libya, Libya Transparency Roundtable, Dec. 2011 (Tripoli, Libya)

Moderator, Is Corruption Hampering Asia’s Development? If So, What Can Be Done to Stop It?, Asia Society, Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit: Worlds Apart Together: Shared Values for an Asia-Pacific Community, Nov. 19, 2011 (New Delhi, India)

Participant, Expert Only Roundtable, International Catalan Institute for Peace, Companies in Conflict Situations, Oct. 20, 2011 (Barcelona, Spain)

Panelist, Access to Justice and Justifiability, International Seminar on Business and Human Rights: Global Challenges of Our Time, Dec. 2008 (Paris, France)

How Does a Company Know It Is Complicit?, Copenhagen Business School, International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Responsibilities for Human Rights, and International Law: Where Do We Go after the Final Report of the SRSG on Human Rights and Business?, Nov. 6, 2008 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Participant in Asia Society Asia 21 Leadership Forum in Tokyo,

Japan and Speaker on Panel on Governance, Transparency and Corruption

Rapporteur for Workshop sponsored by the World Bank Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative at the 13th annual International Anti Corruption Conference in Athens, Greece

Commerce, Crime and Conflict--Emerging Standards of Accountability for Economic Actors in Conflict, National University of Ireland , Irish Centre for Human Rights, Apr. 2008 (Galway, Ireland)

Presenter, at invitation only event on Role of states in effectively

regulating and adjudicating the activities of transnational

corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human

rights (November 2007) in Copenhagen sponsored by Danish Center for Human Rights and the United Nations Special Representative on Business and human Rights

Consultation on Business & Human Rights in Conflict Zones: The Role of Home States, Global Witness and the United Nations Special Representative on Business and Human Rights, Nov. 2007 (Berlin, Germany)

Corporate Complicity and International Law, University of Washington School of Law, Center for Human Rights and Justice, Human Rights Moment Series, Nov. 2007

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Rethinking Payments Law Symposium, Jun. 2007

University of North Carolina Law School, Odious Debt Conference, Jun. 2007

Panelist, Corporations and International Law, Hague Joint Conference on International Law on 100th Anniversary of the Hague Peace Conference, Jun. 2007 (The Hague, Netherlands)

Rule of Law on the International Agenda, University of Umea, Jun. 2007 (Sweden)

Business and Human Rights, University of Washington, Phi Beta Kappa/Honors Program, May 2007

Electronic Commerce and Online Contracting, U.S. Department of State and Qatar Ministry of Justice, Second Annual Commercial Law Conference, Mar. 11, 2007 (Doha, Qatar)

Seattle University Law School, Trina Grillo Public Interest & Social Justice Law Retreat, Feb. 2007

Corporate Accountability for Grave Violations of International Law, Brooklyn Law School, Jan. 2007

Secured Lending and Commercial Law in the Arabian Gulf, U.S. Departments of Commerce and State and Oman Ministry of Justice, Regional Conference on Commercial Law, Jan. 2007 (Muscat, Oman)

Impediments to the Electronic Delivery of Legal Services, American Bar Association Standing Committee on Technology, May 20, 2006

Keynote, Why South Asians Should Care about Civil Liberties, South Asian Bar Association of Washington, Annual Banquet, Apr. 27, 2006

Translating Unocal?, Amnesty International, Legal Network Conference: The Legacy of Nuremberg, Feb. 2006 (Seattle, WA)

Panelist, Digital Dossiers and the Protection of Personal Information, Santa Clara University Law School, Privacy in the Information Age, Jan. 27, 2006

Keynote, University of Washington, Model United Nations, Jan. 1, 2006

Convened invitation-only workshop on Commerce, Crime and Conflict to kick off major research study funded by Canadian government and Ford Foundation in Oslo, Norway; Invited guests included lawyers and academic from 15 countries engage in comparative legal research relating to business entities and international crimes. (Oct. 2005).

Commentator, with Rountable on Commerce Crime and Conflict, Fafo Applied Institute of International Studies, Oct. 2005 (Oslo, Norway)

Guest Lecturer, United States Agency for International Development, Oct. 2005 (Washington, DC)

Moderator, Central European University Legal Studies Department, rights of Individual and the State, Jun. 1, 2005 (Budapest, Hungary)

Moderator, Computer Freedom and Privacy Conference, May 2005 (Seattle, WA)

USA Patriot Act, University of Washington School of Law, ACLU Student Chapter, Apr. 2005 (Seattle, WA)

International Commercial Law Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Law Conference, Mar. 2005 (Bahrain)

Commercial Legal Reform in the United States, University of Washington School of Law, Afghan Law Deans Conference, Feb. 19, 2005 (Seattle, WA)

Convener, Association of American Law Schools Section on Consignor Financial Services, Annual Meeting, San Francisco (Jan. 2005).

Panelist, Emerging Electronic Payments, Association of American Law Schools, Section of Financial Institutions and Commercial Financial Services, Jan. 2005

Brooklyn Law School, Corporate Complicity in Comparative Context Faculty Colloquium, Nov. 2004

Formalizing the Informal?, University of Miami Law School, Informal Payment Systems Faculty Colloquium, Nov. 2004

Guest Lecturer, U.S. Agency for International Development, Oct. 2004 (Washington, DC)

Panelist, Getting Paid in the 21st Century, American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Cyberspace Committee, Annual Meeting, Aug. 2004 (Atlanta, GA)

E-Money in Comparative Perspective, World Bank andInternational Montetary Fund, Seminar on Current Developments in Monetary Financial Law, Jun. 1, 2004

Convened major conference, on Access to Justice and Technology in cooperation with Shidler Center, Washington Law Review, Washington Access to Justice Board and Information School (Feb. 2004).

U.S. Agency for International Development, Legal Training Seminar on Commercial Legal and Institutional Law Reform, Dec. 2002 (Washington, DC)

Invited expert, Roundtable on Defining Priorities for Legal & Policy Action: Unpacking Private Sector Complicity, International Peace Academy, Nov. 2002 (New York, NY)

Invited expert, Roundtable on Legal Responses to Private Sector Activity in War Economies, Fafo, Oct. 1, 2002 (Oslo, Norway)

Online Activism, Electronic Privacy Information Clearinghouse, Jul. 2002 (Washington, DC)

Multinational Corporations and Human Rights, Central European University, Jun. 2002 (Budapest, Hungary)

The Prospects of ODR for Transition Economies, United Nationals Economic Commission for Europe, Forum on Online Dispute Resolution, Jun. 2002 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Corporate Complicity in the Global Context: An Examination of Multinational Enterprises and Their Potential Liability for Human Rights Violations, University of Washington, Institute for Transnational Studies, Law, Transition and Globalization Series, May 2002

Cybercrime, with Charles Nesson, Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, May 2002

Panelist, Panel on Activism and Online Protest, Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Cybertree 2002, May 2002

Panelist, Internet Activism Basics: What Works, What Doesn't and What Will Get You Arrested,, Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference, Apr. 2002 (San Francisco, CA)

Panelist, Legislative Changes after September 11, Washington State Appellate Judges Conference, Apr. 2002

Panelist, Task Force on E-commerce and ADR Update: New Vistas in Dispute Resolution, American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution, Annual Meeting, Apr. 2002 (Seattle, WA)

Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Mar. 2002

Corporate Complicity in the Global Context, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Program on Human Rights & Justice, Mar. 2002 (Cambridge, MA)

Keynote, Fulbright Scholars Seminar on Civil Liberties after September 11, Feb. 2002 (Seattle, WA)

Regulatory Practice in the United States, European Commission, European Payment Systems Observatory Conference on Consumer Online Payments: Trends & Challenges for Europe, Feb. 2002 (Brussels, Belgium)

“Hacktivism”, Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Jan. 2002

Multinational Corporation and Human Rights, Roger Williams University, Ralph Papito School of Law, Law Faculty Workshops, Jan. 2002

Invited expert, Roundtable on Online Dispute Resolution: State of the Art and Issues, University of Geneva Faculty of Law, Nov. 2001

Plenary presentation, Comparative Approaches to Internet Privacy, Alaska Privacy Summit, Sep. 2001 (Anchorage, AK)

Panelist, Law and Technology Forum, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic, Sep. 2001 (Berkeley, CA)

E-Commerce and Online Dispute Resolution: Views of the ABA Task Force, American Bar Association, Annual Meeting, Aug. 2001 (Chicago, IL)

Perceptions of Commercial Law Reform: The EBRD's Legal Indicator Survey, University of Washington, Asian Law Center and the University of Melbourne, Conference on Law Reform in Developing and Transition Economies, Jul. 2001 (Ulanbataar, Mongolia)

The Problems of E-Money and Incompatible Regulatory Regimes, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Cross Border E-Finance, Jun. 2001 (London, England)

ADR and the Internet, Seattle University School of Law, Access to Justice Institute and the Washington State Access to Justice Board, Conference on Technology: Are We Creating Additional Barriers or Additional Means to Access to Justice?, May 2001 (Seattle, WA)

Recent Developments in Global Ecommerce and Internet Law, Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the National Association of Attorneys General, May 2001

The Implications of the UNOCAL Case and Lawsuit, Global Source Education, International World of Corporate Accountability Workshop on The New World of Corporate Accountability: The Case of UNOCAL in Burma, May 2001 (Seattle, WA)

Licensing as a Jurisdictional Mechanism, Internet Law and Policy Forum Conference, Jurisdiction II: Global Networks/Local Rules, Sep. 2000 (San Francisco, CA)

Internet Panel, Annual Conference of Solicitors General, Jun. 2000 (Seattle, WA)

Keynote, National Association of Attorneys General, Conference of Chief Deputies, May 2000

Hacktivism: Virtual Dissent and Global Organizing via the Internet, Internet Political Economy Forum and Trinity College, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Internet & Power: A New Revolution in International Relations?, May 2000 (Cambridge, England)

The Proposed Money Services Act of NUUSL, Money Transmitters Regulations Association, Annual Meeting, May 2000 (Philadelphia, PA)

Co- Convener, Regulating the Internet: EU and US Perspectives conference sponsored by the University of Washington Center for Law, Commerce & Technology and School of Communications and the European Union Center (Seattle, April 2000).

Discussant, Emerging Economies, Internet Trade and the WTO, University of Washington, Institute of International Policy and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Conference on the WTO and the Developing World in the Millennium Round: Beyond the NGO Din, Nov. 1999 (Seattle, WA)

Commentator, Commercial Law Reform in Russia and the New International Financial Architecture, University of London, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, New International Financial Architecture, Jun. 1999 (London, England)

Invited participant, U.S. Department of State, Washington Conference on Holocaust Era-Assets, Apr. 1999

Forced Labor Claims and the Second World War, Erasmus University, Institute of Globalization, International Economic Law and Dispute Settlement, Colloquium on the Liability of Multinational Enterprises under International Law, Apr. 1999 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Swiss Banks and International Human Rights, University of Manchester, Law Faculty Workshop Series, Mar. 1999

The Initial Screening Procedure and the Claims Resolution Tribunal, Swiss Arbitration Association, Annual Conference, Jan. 1999 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Response to Ambassador Thomas Borer, panel on Assets of the Holocaust: The Swiss Perspective sponsored by Whittier Law School (Costa Mesa, CA, November 1998).

Panelist, The Lawyers Speak - - Actions Against Swiss Banks and European Insurance Companies in U.S. Courts, conference on Nazi Gold and Other Assets of the Holocaust: The Search for Justice, Whittier Law School (Costa Mesa, CA., October 1998).

Panelist, conference on The Holocaust: Moral and Legal Issues Unresolved Fifty Years Later sponsored by Cardozo Law School (April 1998).

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