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Charles I. Stone Professor of Law
Director, Center for Law, Science and Global Health
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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

The U.S. Supreme Court on Disability Law: Sixteen Modern Cases (Christy Thompson Ibrahim, Patricia C. Kuszler & Erin Moody eds., Carolina Academic Press 2014). 360 pages.

Discussions on Disability Law and Policy (Patricia C. Kuszler & Christy Thompson Ibrahim eds., Carolina Academic Press, 2014). 449 pages.

Patricia Kuszler, Kathryn Battuello & Sean O'Connor, Genetic Technologies and the Law: Cases and Materials (Carolina Academic Press 2007). 1007 pages.

Kenneth R. Wing, Michael S. Jacobs & Patricia C. Kuszler, The Law and American Health Care (Aspen Law & Business 1998). 1250 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Llilda P. Barata, Helene Starks, Maureen Kelley, Patricia Kuszler & Wylie Burke, What DNA Can and Cannot Say: Perspectives of Immigrant Families about the Use of Genetic Testing in Immigration, 26 Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev. 597-638 (2015).

Brandon L. Pierce, Christopher S. Carlson, Patricia C. Kuszler, Janet L. Stanford & Melissa A. Austin, The Impact of Patents on the Development of Genome-Based Clinical Diagnostics: An Analysis of Case Studies, 11 Genetics Med. 202-09 (2009).

Wylie Burke, Patricia Kuszler, Helene Starks, Suzanne Holland & Nancy Press, Translational Genomics: Seeking a Shared Vision of Benefit, Am. J. Bioethics, March 2008, at 54-56.

Louis P. Garrison, Jr., Rick J. Carlson, Josh J. Carlson, Patricia C. Kuszler, Lisa M. Meckley & David L. Veenstra, A Review of Public Policy Issues in Promoting the Development and Commercialization of Pharmacogenomic Applications: Challenges and Applications, 40 Drug Metabolism Rev. 377-401 (2008).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Global Health and the Human Rights Imperative, 2 Asian J. WTO & Int'l Health L. & Pol'y 99-123 (2007).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Ethics: Principles, Paradigms and Products, 25 Med. & L. 491-502 (2006).

Patricia Kuszler & Tadas Klimas, Gydtyojµ Aplaidumu Padarytos alos Atlyginimo Institutas: Palyginamoji Analizë: JAV ir Lietuva [Medical Malpractice: The Legal Concept of Recompense for Damages Caused by a Physician's Negligence in Lithuania and the USA], Int'l J. Baltic L., Feb. 2004, at 1-14.

Patricia C. Kuszler, Curing Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research: Impossible Dreams and Harsh Realities, 8 Widener L. Symp. J. 115-52 (2001).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Financing Clinical Research and Experimental Therapies: Payment Due, But from Whom?, 3 DePaul J. Health Care L. 441-94 (2000).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Telemedicine and Integrated Health Care Delivery: Compounding Malpractice Liability, 25 Am. J. L. & Med. 297-326 (1999).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Balancing the Barriers: Exploiting and Creating Incentives to Promote Development of New Tuberculosis Treatments, 71 Wash. L. Rev. 919-67 (1996).

Book Chapters

Patricia C. Kuszler, The Social, Political, and Economic Underpinnings of Biomedical Research and Development: A Formidable Status Quo, in Achieving Justice in Genomic Translation: Re-thinking the Pathway to Benefit 22-39 (Wylie Burke et al. eds., Oxford University Press 2011).

Ann M. Dellinger & Patricia C. Kuszler, Infants, Public Policy and Legal Issues, in 3 Encyclopedia of Bioethics 1257-64 (Stephen G. Post ed., 3d ed. Macmillan Reference USA 2004).

Patricia C. Kuszler, "Ethical Implications of the Human Genome Project," in Public Interests and The Human Genome Project (National Legal Center for the Public Interest 2001).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Access to Treatment, in Healthcare Facilities Law, 1995 Supplement 73-90 (Anne M. Dellinger ed., Little Brown 1991).

Anne M. Dellinger & Patricia C. Kuszler, Infants: Public Policy and Legal Issues, in Encyclopedia of Bioethics 1214-19 (Warren T. Reich ed., rev. ed. Macmillan 1995).

Patricia C. Kuszler, Introduction to S. Josephine Baker, Fighting for Life (Krieger Publishing Co. 1980) (1939).

Professional Publications

Patricia C. Kuszler, Genetic and Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Changing Legal Construct of Parenthood, in Proceedings of the 2005 International Congress on Medical Law and 1st World Congress on Public Health Law (2005).

Patricia C. Kuszler, A Question of Duty: Common Law Legal Issues Resulting from Physician Response to Unsolicited Patient Email Inquiries,2 J. Med. Internet Res., no. 3, 2000 at e17, available at

Patricia Kuszler, Telemedicine and the Changing Face of the Doctor-Patient Relationship, Health L. News, Dec. 1999, at 4, available at

Mimi Wright, Anne M. Dellinger & Patricia C. Kuszler, Criminal Court Practice, in Aids Benchbook, Supplement 69-102 (Michele A. Zavos ed., National Judicial College 1994).


UW School of Law, Center for Law, Science and Global Health, Volk v. DeMeerleer Study (Dec. 1, 2017). 53 pages. Commissioned by Washington State Legislature, House Judiciary Committee. Research Team: Tanya E. Karwaki, Jaclyn Greenberg, Annemarie Weiss & Gavin Keene. Faculty Supervisors: Patricia C. Kuszler & Terry J. Price.

C.J. Banta-Green CJ, P.C. Kuszler PC, P.O. Coffin & J.A. Schoeppe, Washington's 911 Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Law: Initial Evaluation Results (Univ. Wash. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Inst. Info. Brief 2011-05). 4 pages.

Task Force on Noneconomic Damages: Report to the Legislature (Patricia C. Kuszler chair, 2005), available at 233 pages.

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