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Allen, Craig H. Judson Falknor Professor of Law(206) 616-8302
Ambrose, Kimberly Senior Law Lecturer(206) 685-6806
Andersen, William R. Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-9385
Anderson, Helen A. Professor of Law(206) 543-0346
Anderson, Robert Professor of Law(206) 685-2861
Andrews, Thomas R. Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-2644
Aronson, Robert H. Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-7423
Bailey, William S. Professor from Practice(206) 543-4917
Baldwin, Elizabeth Law Lecturer 
Barnes, Mario L. Toni Rembe Dean & Professor of Law(206) 543-2586
Boxx, Karen Professor of Law(206) 616-3856
Calandrillo, Steve Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Professor of Law(206) 685-2403
Calo, Ryan Lane Powell & D. Wayne Gittinger Endowed Professor of Law(206) 543-1580
Cházaro, Angélica Assistant Professor of Law(206) 543-8754
Cimini, Christine N. Associate Dean for Experiential Education(206) 685-6803
Clynch, John Law Lecturer(206) 685-6805
Cobb, Tom Senior Law Lecturer(206) 543-6136
Cohan, Molly Supervising Attorney & Law Lecturer(206) 616-4201
Collins, Ronald K.L. Affiliate Professor 
Covington, William Senior Law Lecturer(206) 616-4481
Durkee, Melissa J. Associate Professor of Law(206) 616-3084
Eberhard, Eric Affiliate Assistant Professor 
Eddy, Jonathan A. Professor of Law(206) 616-5825
Fan, Jennifer S. Assistant Professor of Law(206) 685-2636
Fan, Mary D. Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law(206) 685-4971
Feldman, Jeff Affiliate Professor616-7115
Foote, Daniel H. Affiliate Professor of Law 
Gardner, Trevor G. Assistant Professor of Law(206) 221-2995
Gold, Julia Principal Lecturer Emerita of Law(206) 543-3434
Gomulkiewicz, Robert UW Law Foundation Professor of Law(206) 616-4849
Gonza, Alejandra Law Lecturer(206) 543-9509
Halasz, Benjamin S. Law Lecturer(206) 543-4947
Haley, John Visiting Professor(206) 685-0688
Hardisty, James H. Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-2261
Hart, John Law Lecturer(206) 616-0221
Hatfield, Michael Professor of Law(206) 221-1535
Hazelton, Penny Emerita Professor of Law(206) 221-5386
Hicks, Gregory A. UW Law Foundation Professor of Law(206) 543-4034
Hjorth, Roland Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-9476
Hotchkiss, Mary Senior Advisor to the Dean(206) 616-9333
Howard, Maureen A. Associate Professor of Law(206) 616-6236
Hume, Linda S. Emerita Professor of Law(206) 543-7843
Huston, John Professor Emeritus of Law 
Jay, Stewart Emeritus Professor of Law543-2586
Junker, John Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-7747
Kelly, Lisa Professor of Law(206) 685-1826
Kirtley, Alan Associate Professor of Law(206) 543-3434
Knudsen, Sanne Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development(206) 221-7443
Krug, Anita K. D. Wayne and Anne Gittinger Professor of Law(206) 543-4145
Kuszler, Patricia Charles I. Stone Professor of Law(206) 685-0511
Lombardi, Clark Professor of Law(206) 543-4939
Manheim, Lisa Marshall Associate Professor of Law(206) 685-2546
Maranville, Deborah Emerita Professor of Law(206) 685-6803
Mastroianni, Anna Professor of Law(206) 616-3482
McCormack, Shannon Weeks Garvey Schubert Barer Professor of Law(206) 616-9362
McGinnis, Kathleen Principal Lecturer of Law(206) 543-7002
McMurtrie, Jacqueline Professor of Law(206) 543-3434
Myhre, Theodore Senior Lecturer(206) 685-7914
Nicolas, Peter William L. Dwyer Chair in Law(206) 685-2459
O'Connor, Sean Boeing International Professor of Law(206) 543-7491
O'Neill, Kate Emerita Professor of Law(206) 543-0928
Osborn, John Affiliate Professor 
Porter, Elizabeth Associate Professor(206) 616-7115
Price, John R. Dean Emeritus of Law 
Raigrodski, Dana Lecturer(206) 616-5321
Ramasastry, Anita Dean Emeritus Roland L. Hjorth Professor of Law(206) 616-8441
Riedinger, Jeffrey Vice Provost & Professor of Law 
Rodgers, William Emeritus Stimson Bullitt Professor of Environmental Law(206) 543-5182
Said, Zahr K. Lead Faculty Director, CASRIP, and Associate Professor of Law(805) 622-9247
Sancken, Lauren E. Law Lecturer206-685-2996
Sanford, Sallie Thieme Associate Professor of Law; Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Services(206) 685-4245
Schnapper, Eric Professor of Law(206) 616-3167
Schoenbaum, Thomas Harold S. Shefelman Professor of Law(206) 685-0182
Schumacher, Scott Associate Dean for Academic Administration(206) 543-5351
Schwartz, Jeffrey Visiting Professor685-9459
Spitzer, Hugh Professor(206) 685-1635
Takenaka, Toshiko Washington Research Foundation/W. Hunter Simpson Professor of Technology Law 
Testy, Kellye Y. Former Toni Rembe Dean(206) 616-4946
Townsend, Michael Associate Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the PhD Program(206) 543-4907
Vaughn, Lea B. Professor of Law(206) 543-4927
Walsh, Walter J. Associate Professor of Law(206) 616-7101
Watts, Kathryn Jack R. MacDonald Endowed Chair(206) 543-6299
West, Jessica Visiting Associate Professor(206) 685-7915
Wildermuth, Todd Law Lecturer, Environmental Law Program(206) 221-8980
Williams, Brenda Associate Dean for Students, Equity and Engagement(206) 685-3917
Winn, Jane K. Professor of Law(206) 685-2535
Wolcher, Louis E. Emeritus Professor of Law(206) 543-0600
Wool, Jeffrey Professor of Global Business Law(206) 543-2261
Zang, Dongsheng Associate Professor of Law and Director, Asian Law Center & Visiting Scholars Program(206) 543-0830
Zarowsky, Lara Law Lecturer(206) 616-8736
Ziff, David Senior Lecturer(206) 543-2458

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