Instruction Full-Term Start: Jun 23, 2014
Instruction Modified A-Term Start: Jun 23, 2014
Independence Day Holiday: Jul 4, 2014
Instruction Modified A-Term End: Aug 1, 2014
Examination Period Modified A-Term: Aug 4-5, 2014
Examination Period Full Term: Aug 22, 2014
Instruction Full-Term End: Aug 22, 2014

All courses 2014 Summer - Full Term

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Note Crs Sec SLN Type Cr Schedule Course Title Instructor
H528 Full-Term A  14516 
Health Law Practicum
T528 Full-Term A  12041  Tax
Graduate Tax Practicum
T528 Full-Term B  12042  Tax
Graduate Tax Practicum
T528 Full-Term C  14269  JD
Graduate Tax Practicum
T528 Full-Term D  TBA  Tax
Graduate Tax Practicum
300 Full-Term A  11994  X
A  12388  XLst
  MGMT 200 A
MTWTh 10:50 AM-12:00 PM 117
Introduction to Law
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