School of Law Course Catalog 2009 - 2010

May Satisfy Writing Requirement

The Advanced Writing Requirement may be satisfied by: (a) meeting the requirements of a seminar of four or more credits; (b) writing and revising under faculty approval and supervision a substantial project in a course with three or more credits; and (c) completion of a LAW E 500 Advanced Writing Project. Seminars and course requirements vary by year and instructor. Please confirm with the instructor whether a particular seminar or course satisfies the Advanced Writing Requirement.


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Class NameClass#Offered TermsCredits
Land Use Planning Seminar A540 Not offered this year
Feminist Jurisprudence A553 Not offered this year
National Security Law Seminar A558 Not offered this year
Theories Of Justice Seminar A566 Spring (Compressed)
Child Advocacy Seminar A579 Autumn
Marine Law And Policy Seminar B563 Not offered this year
U.S. Coastal And Ocean Law B565 Not offered this year
Supreme Court Decision Making B573 Not offered this year
Legal Problems Of Economic Development Seminar B578 Autumn-Winter-Spring
Advanced Research & Writing Seminar B598 Autumn
Persuasive Writing E508 Autumn
Complex Litigation Seminar E550 Spring
Legislation E555 Not offered this year
Topics In Law And Medicine H510 Autumn-Winter

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