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LAW E 584 MJ Professional Development Seminar

Credits: 1-2, Max 2

This course is designed to acquaint graduate students in the Masters of Jurisprudence program with the numerous professional pathways open to students with MJ degrees in the arena of legal and law-related services. Students will learn about law-related employment in corporate, for-profit arenas, services arenas, non-profit and social justice arenas. Speakers and presenters will include experts in these arenas as well as recent MJ graduates working in these industries. The course also seeks to develop certain skills essential in the modern workforce. It will review working with key databases, writing targeted cover letters and resumes for different audiences, and basic negotiations skills. The students will also be coached through a series of tutorials focused on use of effective policy writing, written communications skills, and preparing and making professional presentations.

Winter-Spring, 1-1 Credit(s)

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Kuszler, Patricia

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