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LAW A 561 Law And Economics

Credits: 2-4

Q: Should Exxon be liable for punitive damages stemming from oil spills?
Q: Why do we need property rights?
Q: What is the optimal remedy for breach of contract?
Q: Should we deter “bad” behavior with monetary or criminal sanctions?
Q: Can anti-discrimination laws increase business productivity?
Q: Should tobacco companies be held liable for smokers’ healthcare costs?
Q: Should cost-benefit analysis be utilized in creating public health & safety regulations?
Q: Should society prohibit the sale of human organs?
Law and Economics (L&E) confronts these challenges by identifying how to design legal rules that provide the greatest good to the greatest number. L&E principles can also take into account considerations such as discrimination and unequal wealth distribution in evaluating what's best for society. We will examine applications of L&E to: intellectual property, tobacco litigation, employment discrimination, automobile accident law, land use regulation, nuisance law, contract law and criminal law. All students welcome (economics background NOT necessary). Grade based on choice of exam or paper.

Spring, 4 Credit(s)

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Calandrillo, Steve

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