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LAW E 523 Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

Credits: 1-9, Max 9

The University of Washington Entrepreneurial Law Clinic promotes economic development in Washington by providing free legal services for small businesses and start up companies that face significant economic barriers to success. The Clinic teams law and business students with local attorneys to provide free legal and business advice to low-income micro-entrepreneurs and early stage high-tech companies on business matters unrelated to current or expected litigation. Students will enroll in one of three specialty areas within the Clinic: Business Law; Intellectual Property (IP); or Tax. Training and activities in the Clinic will focus on counseling, transactional and regulatory compliance legal services. Direct supervision of students will be done by the Clinic's network of pro bono attorneys. In order to ensure close supervision and a base of applicable legal knowledge, enrollment in the Clinic will be limited to 15-18 students.

Pre- and co-requisites:

1. Business Law Track: Business Orgs (A515) OR Closely Held Business Orgs (A567) OR The Law of Nonprofit Corps (E514)
2. P502 Trademark/Trade Secret Law and P508 Patent Law, or P567 Intellectual Property Survey
3. Tax Track: Advising Privately-Owned Business (T525) OR Exempt Organizations (T512) OR Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships & LLCs (A537) OR Exempt Organizations (T512)

Autumn-Winter-Spring, 3-3-3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Kindra, Jesse , Scott Smith , Elizabeth Lee

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