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LAW P 548 Litigation Strategies for Protection of Technology

Credits: 4

This course will cover complex issues and proceedings in patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and copyright litigation. More specifically, the patent litigation part will consider such issues as who may be subject to a suit for infringement of patent and/or trade secret rights; where the suit can be filed; when a suit should be filed; patent marking issues; declaratory judgment actions and venue disputes; the forms of complaints, answers, affirmative defenses, counterclaims, and the joinder of related claims (e.g., for unfair competition); appellate review; discovery techniques, summary judgments, the use of experts, trial presentations (including evidentiary concerns); different theories of compensatory damages; willful infringement; enhanced and punitive damages; attorneys' fees and interest on damage awards. With respect to trademark and copyright litigation strategies portions of this course, it will cover a wide variety of critical issues and scenarios typically encountered by trial lawyers in federal court litigation. This section of the course is designed to develop substantive and critical thinking skills that can be put to use in your future practice. Prerequisite: P508 Patent Law or P567 Intellectual Property Survey, or permission of the instructor.

Winter, 3 Credit(s)

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Paul Meiklejohn

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