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LAW H 520 Genetics And The Law

Credits: 3

This course explores legal and policy consequences of genetic technologies and information. The overarching course objectives are: to address the response of the law and the legal system to advances in genomic and genetic information and technologies; and, to anticipate and posit appropriate legal responses for the future. This course is offered to students from diverse disciplines that may not have a genetics, public health or law background. We will therefore begin with an overview of genetic and genomic science, the recent explosion of knowledge about the human genome, and an introduction to law. In the context of genetics and genomics, we will explore the legal theories, applications and implications of: medical mistakes in testing; reproductive decision-making; parenting and family building; research with human subjects; privacy and confidentiality; workplace uses; access to insurance and health care coverage; forensics; and evidentiary uses in criminal law. We will look at the movement of genetics from bench science to the marketplace, including brief consideration of intellectual property and direct-to-consumer marketing. (PHG523)

Winter, 3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Mastroianni, Anna

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