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LAW E 507 Access To Justice Seminar

Credits: 2

This course will explore the legal, ethical and financial issues involved in providing legal services to low and moderate-income persons. The course will use a combination of lectures and interactive discussion. One or more writing projects will be required. This course will satisfy the externship seminar requirement when taken during the same quarter as the externship. Offered on a credit/no credit basis only.

AUTUMN 2020:
Introduction to how technology is transforming the delivery of legal services. Students will learn how to increase access to justice for low-income individuals through the use of A2J (Access to Justice) Author software tools. These tools were developed with the support of the Legal Services Corporation to help self-represented (pro se) litigants handle some of their own problems and to help legal services attorneys represent more clients effectively. Once familiar with how to use the A2J Author software tools, students will work with local legal services attorneys to create self-guided interview forms for use by local legal services attorneys and local self-represented litigants. Selected topics related to information ethics and policy, the changing nature of professional services, and the persistence of institutional barriers to access to justice in American society will be considered. Possible parallels between the use of technology to deliver legal services to low income individuals more effectively and the use of technology by conventional law firms or in-house and government legal departments will also be considered. No prior experience of software development is required.

Autumn, 2 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Winn, Jane , Rory O'Sullivan

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