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LAW B 554 Research Tutorial

Credits: 1-15, Max 15

The directed Research Tutorial, open only to doctoral candidates at UW, is spread over one full academic year. It is an intensive and doctoral-level training approach that uses social science research methods to practically advance each student’s specific research agenda. The class runs as a tutorial, meaning there is a heavy focus on reading, discussion, commentary, writing, and especially rewriting under close and targeted supervision by the professor. The course objective is to familiarize students with the basics of research design and methods in their area of interest – from conceptualization of the central question in the context of a field (“why does the question arise?,” “What is the puzzle?”) to the logic of social scientific inquiry (“How can we best answer it?”). Students are expected (a) to gain a working knowledge of a wide range of methodological approaches and techniques in the social sciences; (b) to concretely use those qualitative and/or quantitative approaches they deem appropriate in crafting their own research and writing; (c) to produce a dissertation-related research proposal and, based on it, a publishable-quality research paper; and (d) to formally present their research paper in a simulated formal conference setting in the final quarter.

Autumn-Winter-Spring, 2-2-4 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Nathalie Williams , Antonio Lucero , Scott Radnitz

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