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LAW A 579 Child Advocacy Seminar

Credits: 2-4, Max 4

This course covers topics that are either not addressed in the basic Law A580 Family Law course or not covered in comparable depth. Topics covered include child abuse and neglect, parental rights termination, paternity and an overview of other practice areas as they intersect with issues of child abuse and neglect. This course focuses on Washington law and practice, covering applicable substantive and procedural law, local practice rules, and professional responsibility. This is an interdisciplinary course. Students will be exposed to the psychological, social work and medical aspects of child abuse and neglect. Portions of the course will be co-taught by faculty of the Schools of Social Work and Medicine. Enrollment is limited to 20 students with preference to students who are taking the Child Advocacy Clinic. Students from other departments are welcome and encouraged, space permitting, but should be forewarned that the quizzes will cover legal materials. The course will be graded on the basis of class participation, quizzes, a short written report and presentation on an agency providing services in the area, and a paper of no more than 25 pages in length.

Not offered this academic year.

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