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LAW A 552 Antitrust Law And Policy

Credits: 2-5, Max 5

The course focuses on the development of antitrust in the United States, and examines how—and whether—antitrust principles developed in the days of Rockefeller and railroads are relevant to the era of Gates and Google. Drawing on current headlines and the antitrust trials and tribulations of firms that have risen to prominence (or dominance?) in our era, we examine the value of competitive markets, and the role antitrust law plays in addressing problems posed by monopolies, mergers, and various restraints on competition. Because U.S. antitrust law doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we make frequent reference to the development of competition law across the globe. The course is structured to illustrate the antitrust issues that face businesses on a daily basis. Weekly case studies and team assignments and individual feedback from the professor facilitate the development of analytical, problem solving, writing, and fact gathering skills.

Autumn, 4 Credit(s)

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Ross, Douglas

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