Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW A 551 Global Governance Seminar

Credits: 3-4, Max 4

This seminar examines how global legal institutions are evolving in response to globalization, with a special focus on the relationship between states, international organizations, and private actors (such as non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and industry groups). The seminar will examine some of the system’s most significant contemporary challenges, such as fragmentation, multipolarity, and norm entrepreneurship by non-state actors. We will borrow insights from international relations scholarship to consider the effectiveness of particular kinds of legal regimes and consider the value of theoretical frames such as global constitutionalism, legal pluralism and global administrative law. Students will prepare a final presentation and paper in an issue area of their choice (such as environmental law, human rights, trade, terrorism, etc). Enrollment limited. Prerequisite: Law A508 Comparative and International Law Survey or another international law course. Recommended pre- or co-requisite: A574 International Law.

Not offered this academic year.

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