Courses 2012 - 2013

LAW E 598 Climate Change Law

Credits: 3-4, Max 4

The purpose of this class is to prepare future practitioners to advise clients in all aspects of climate change law, a fast-emerging regulatory structure that is very much a work in progress. By studying the law as it is made, students will have a better appreciation of the administrative rulemaking process, the roles of Congress, EPA, and state legislatures, and likely areas of future regulation and litigation. At the domestic U.S. level, we will focus on EPA’s Clean Power Plan, including both its regulatory structure and the ongoing litigation regarding EPA’s authority under the Clean Air Act to promulgate it. We will also focus on regional greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs, such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and state legislation and regulatory initiatives, particularly on the West Coast. At the international level, we will review the uneven path forward from the Kyoto Protocol to the recent Paris Agreement, as well as the lessons learned from the European Union cap and trade system.

Spring, 4 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Craig Gannett , Michael Lufkin

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