Courses 2012 - 2013

LAW B 599 Special Topics

Credits: 1-12, Max 12

Designed to take advantage of special opportunities resulting from visitors to the School of Law or other exceptional occurrences. (This is not a form of independent study.)

Corporate Law Lab Winter-Spring (1-1 credits) CR/NC
Dean Testy will lead a corporate law lab in Winter-Spring 2017. This lab will be offered jointly with Professor Charles O’Kelley of Seattle University (bio available here: and will have four students from each school. Students will work with Dean Testy, Professor O’Kelley, and the Washington State Bar Association’s Corporate Act Revisions Committee (CARC) to study and make recommendations for amendments to Washington’s corporate law in light of recent revisions to the Model Business Corporation Act. Students will have the opportunity for study with and mentorship by the experienced corporate lawyers who are members of CARC and will gain substantial hands-on experience with the corporate law of Washington. Students will also be able to be part of CARC’s process of seeking legislative change to the corporate law of Washington.

Persuasive Speech Workshop Spring (1 credit) CR/NC
Four (4) Two Hour Sessions on Monday Afternoons 3:30-5:20 pm
March 27, 2017; April 17, 2017; April 24, 2017; May 1, 2017
This Workshop provides a unique opportunity for law students to be exposed to and trained on the fundamentals of dynamic public speaking and effective communication skills by University of Washington, School of Drama, Professor Emerita, Judith Shahn. Professor Shahn is a leading voice specialist in the Northwest and brings a rare perspective to the law school curriculum. With 26 years of experience in voice training she works with business leaders, lawyers, doctors, and writers to improve communication skills. Most recently she created a training curriculum for the Female Trial Lawyer Advocacy Program through the Washington State Association for Justice designed to help young lawyers enhance their public speaking abilities.

The Persuasive Speech Workshop will cover the fundamentals of dynamic public speaking and effective communication skills through four different 2 hour workshop sessions throughout the quarter. The first session will focus on the ten essentials of public speaking including alignment, breath, physicality, presence, voice, rhetoric. The second session will focus on effective storytelling. While this session connects to lawyers opening and closing statements, the skills learned are applicable to other contexts designed to successfully engage listeners. The third session is focused on tactic scenarios. Tactics apply to the manner of communication and how the speaker wants to influence the listener. This training includes the conscious selection of tactics to persuade such as to shock, warn, education, lure, or demand. These tactics provide nuances in the speaker’s communication that can shift the direction and outcome. For law students,

Winter, 1 Credit(s)

Selected Topics in Global Health
Course Sections and Instructors
Lenga, Jennifer

Winter-Spring, 1-1 Credit(s)

PhD Colloquium
Course Sections and Instructors
Kuszler, Patricia , Said, Zahr

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