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LAW T 536 Taxation Of Trans-Pacific Transactions

Credits: 2-3, Max 3

This course will examine taxation issues as they affect doing business in China, Korea and Japan and, also, the tax impact of persons in those countries doing business in the United States. Specific attention will be paid to the VAT in China as well as unique features of Korean and Japanese taxation. There will be use of relevant tax materials from each of the countries involved as well as relevant treaty provisions where they exist. Class members will be called upon to prepare memoranda in response to specific problems designed to provoke close analysis of cross-border transaction between the countries involved and the U.S. Enrollment will be limited. At least one course in international taxation is a prerequisite; further courses in international taxation may be taken simultaneously.

Spring - Compressed , 3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Patricia Harrell , Kadet, Jeffery

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