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LAW H 536 Research Ethics And Regulation

Credits: 3

Through a combination of lecture and small group discussion of assigned case studies, this course provides a historical perspective and presents the current ethical and legal issues and debates in three areas related to the conduct of research: (1) research conducted with animals, (2) research involving human participants, and (3) the responsible conduct of research. Grades in the course will be based on several writing assignments given over the course of the quarter and class participation. There are no prerequisites. This course will provide critical knowledge to students who are pursuing the study of ethics and law in health-related fields or who plan to work in medical, public health, or biotechnology-related settings. This course is a required course for students in the MA program of the Department of Bioethics and Humanities in the School of Medicine and an elective for other interested graduate students, including law students. (B H 536)

Winter, 3 Credit(s)

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Mastroianni, Anna

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