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LAW E 539 United States And European Union E-Commerce Law

Credits: 2-3, Max 3

This course will compare the different approaches taken to the regulation of e-commerce and the information society in the United States and the European Union. Class topics will include: an introduction to European Union law and institutions and an introduction to e-commerce law issues. US and EU approaches will be compared and contrasted in a variety of areas which will vary each time the course is taught in order to focus on current controversies and developments. Topics may include consumer e-commerce law; information privacy and data security; electronic payments and e-money; regulation of spam; data retention laws; cybercrime; standards and technical barriers to trade; e-signatures; e-invoicing; and Internet service provider safe harbors. Students will be given the option of either taking a take-home exam, or writing a research paper. After the course is finished, JD students may revise the paper for 1-2 additional credits in order to meet the Advanced Writing Requirement.

Not offered this academic year.

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