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LAW E 536 Practical And Professional Responsibility Issues in the Small or Solo Law Practice

Credits: 3-4, Max 4

This course examines the practical, ethical and personal issues which are unique to small firm and solo law practice. Issues to be explored include capitalization and financing of the small/solo practice; selection of practice focus; marketing; client relations; trust account management; advertising; limitations on multi-disciplinary practice; and the recognition and amelioration of common personal issues such as professional isolation, stress management and integration of one's personal and professional life. Classes will be presented by lecturers, guest lecturers, and panels of practitioners, with small group participation/interaction. Papers will be assigned weekly during the quarter and students will be expected to submit a business plan near the conclusion of the course. Class will be offered on a credit/no credit basis.

Spring, 3 Credit(s)

Course Sections and Instructors
Davis Bae , Andrew Benjamin

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