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Cházaro - Winter 2022

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Courses 2008 - 2009

LAW B 599 Special Topics

Credits: 1-12, Max 12

Designed to take advantage of special opportunities resulting from visitors to the School of Law or other exceptional occurrences. (This is not a form of independent study.)

Autumn – Financial Crimes and Forfeitures - This 3-credit course provides an overview of two of law enforcement’s more powerful tools to combat financially-motivated crimes: anti-money laundering statutes and asset forfeiture. The course will combine substantive lectures, practical exercises, guest lecturers, and a substantial writing component. Proposed instructor: Jehiel Baer, Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Winter – Reflective Practices for Lawyers – This 2-credit course teaches students to develop the skills, traits, and values to become a reflective lawyer. Through readings, journaling, and experiential exercises, students develop competencies for successful practice in a broad range of legal fields and settings. This course presents the theories, scientific bases, and positive psychology that support mindfulness and reflective practices in law. Instructors – Deans Liz Porter and Anna Endter.

Winter – Transgender Rights Seminar – This 2-credit course analyzes the evolving political and legal rights and experiences of the transgender community, both historically and today. Instructor – Adrien Leavitt, King County Department of Public Defense.

Spring – Low Bono Legal Research – This 3-credit course gives students an opportunity to further develop their research skills through exploration of free and low-cost legal research tools. The primary focus is Washington State. The course provides students with an understanding of the types of resources that are freely available and how best to leverage them to conduct legal research. Instructors – Alena Wolotira and Maya Swanes, Gallagher Law Library.

Spring – Tech Policy – Course under development. Instructor – Professor Ryan Calo.

Spring, 3 Credit(s)

Law and Economics of Regulation
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